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Common  When Running EchoProducer

"SERVER BUSY"  Problems are
caused when EchoLink  is
refreshing the Station List and a
command is issued...

To resolve this issue try the following:

Disable your auto-refresh.

ON Echolink screen - Go to Tools/Preferences/List

Unclick "Update station list automatically"

Also setting the Echolink application priority to Above normal or High may also help.

To do this:

Open the Windows Task Manager.

Select "Processes"
Highlight the Echolink application
Right click on the highlighted Echolink application
Select "Set Priority"
Select setting aboveNnormal or higher

(AboveNormal) worked for me.


Also take note:  Occasionally the Server busy message will appear if
Echolink is trying to initiate a command while the EchoProducer utility
is also trying to execute a function at the same time. You may also try
unticking all the boxes for the index view. To do this go to:
Tools/Preferences on the main echolink screen. Untick all the boxes.
This does not effect the Explorer view which most stations use anyway.