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Configuration for KB1XI-L
Radio:  Kenwood TM-G707A @ 25 watts
Antenna: Diamond X510   8.3 db gain @ 480 Feet above sea level /167 feet HAAT
Controller: WB2REM Untimate Linking Interface (ULI)
Dell Dell Inspiron PC: 1.2 GHz running Windows XP/SP3, 256K RAM
The node sits behind two hardware firewalls in tandem and constantly monitored by McAfee Security Suite thus virtually insuring very low risk virus and trojan infection.

This node runs the EchoProducer utility. The utility is set to automatically go into silence mode at 01:00 hours Eastern Time and to wake up again at 0700 hours Eastern Time (Quiet Hours). This only effects the utilities "over the air" announcements.  The Node and all functions continue to be active 24x7. 

Reserved for Future use

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