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New England and 1st Call District Silent Key List

1981 to Present

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Memories are all that hold us together after a friend or relative passed on.
I am most grateful for having met Ernie long before he became a ham and appreciate
the 45 years that I knew him. His wit, sense of humor and open friendliness was a
solid reminder of the type of individual he was. Never one to say no to a friend
in need, he was in the true sense of the word a person you could count on to help
be it ham radio or otherwise. An avid Ham in his latter years he was a true CW "fanatic"
and was always willing to tutor the potential new ham with his code requirements by
spending many hours practicing with the new guy on and off the air. His door was always
open and the coffee flowed freely. He will be sorely missed by many many of his peers.

Callsigns Highlighted in yellow text were my personal friends
and tribute to their memory is given here. Don/KB1XI

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Call Sign Name CITY State Month Listed in QST and Notes
W1AWE Miller, Norman H. East Providence RI January 1981
W1AYH Romney, Edward W. Milford NH January 1981
W1BBE Whited, Ernest A. Houlton ME January 1981
K1BSB Mack, Edgar R. Hendersonville NC January 1981
W1CQS Ljongquist, E. Willard West palm Beach FL January 1981
W1CZO Wallace, R. Clark Jr. Melrose MA January 1981
W1EM Huston, Robert D. Portland ME January 1981
WA1FBH Shea, Daniel J. Newtonville MA January 1981
W1GU Lamson, Myles L. Rockland ME January 1981
W1HTR Hanscom, Clinton F. Walpole MA January 1981
W1KTU Oliver, Melvin J. Chatham MA January 1981
W1LKB Waser, John W. Bridgeport CT January 1981
W1MV Wilber, Leo C. Bridgewater MA January 1981
W1NND Pierpont, Almond S. Rockland ME January 1981
N1AHQ Chellis, Fred F. Concord MA February 1981
W1BMH Chandler, George Boston MA February 1981
W1BWN Peak, Ellsworth H. Saugus MA February 1981
WB1FAO Goodland, Alexander S. Needham MA February 1981
W1HSO Knowlton, Edwin A. Stonington ME February 1981
W1LRZ Truland, William D. Farmingdale MA February 1981
W1MOK Brennan, Myles W. Chicopee MA February 1981
K1NTS Jones, Roger A. North Attleboro MA February 1981
W1OUP Simmonds, Omar G. North Abington MA February 1981
WA1VDY Gordon, Ernest M. Old Lyme CT February 1981
K1VHH Sleeper, True L. Sherman Mills ME February 1981
WA1VNT Salmon, Edwin N. Killingworth CT February 1981
W1AJO Pirro, Charles A. Riverside CT March 1981
W1BFY Bassette, Frederick H. New Britain CT March 1981
W1DTW Searle, Freeman I. Coventry RI March 1981
WA1EYX Ross, Daniel K. Hampden MA March 1981
ex-1FAV Estey, F. Clifford Salem MA March 1981
K1GKA Welland, John J. Acton MA March 1981
W1IVK Balicki, Chester A. Springfield MA March 1981
K1JAR Covey, Lewis M. Lynn MA March 1981
WA1MNH Eppler, Walter T. Port Richey FL March 1981
WA1UFK Hanover, Clarence Clinton CT March 1981
W1APN Hayward, Eliot A. Fairhaven MA April 1981
WB1BPG Dumas, Ray H. Athol MA April 1981
WB1BXO Miller, Richard E. West Hartford CT April 1981
W1DGY Housman, Frank M. Lincoln MA April 1981
W1FE Gardner, Corliss B. Peacedale RI April 1981
WA1FSM Latchum, Medford W. Norwich CT April 1981
W1IUI Currier, Lloyd M. South Hampton NH April 1981
W1OA Kenney, John H. Adams MA April 1981
W1SH Lane, Albert Dedham MA April 1981
W1TSC Dyer, Willis C. Brookline NH April 1981
AB1V Ives, George F. Glastonbury CT April 1981
WA1VCV Summerton, Ralph E. Milo ME April 1981
W1CTS Gibson, John E. Jr. North Berwick ME May 1981
W1IYC Young, Peter J. West Roxbury MA May 1981
W1NFR Byrd, Daniel L. New Canaan CT May 1981
W1NNN Bortano, Charles F. Swansea MA May 1981
K1AAQ Eglit, William F. Madison NH June 1981
W1DOW Gustafson, Carl E. Bristol CT June 1981
W1DQA Malinoski, Connie J. South Deerfield MA June 1981
W1ID Pace, William J. Middlebury CT June 1981
W1IVK Balicki, Chester A. Springfield MA June 1981
W1IXC Whitten, Evart J. Lincoln ME June 1981
W1JYQ Whitney, George W. Stamford CT June 1981
W1LRZ Truland, William Lisbon Falls ME June 1981
W1MOK Brennan, Myles W. Chicopee AM June 1981
K1OIW MacDonald, Howard W. Hanson MA June 1981
W1PRE Hescock, paul G. Brattleboro VT June 1981
W1QGN Milton, Frederick C. revere MA June 1981
K1UNM Scothorne, Ernest H. Naples ME June 1981
N1AAZ Caldarone, Joseph J. Rowley MA July 1981
KA1BYT Schiffner, Osborne B. Bingham ME July 1981
W1ADC Gifford, William R. York ME July 1981
W1AEK Trumpfeller, Edward Sr. Trumbull CT July 1981
WA1DHB Poirier, Maurice R. Spencer MA July 1981
W1HIB Wenc, Stanley J. East Douglas ME July 1981
WA1HUX Judkins, Stanley L. Wilton CT July 1981
K1IKV Davidson, Paul R. Coventry RI July 1981
W1IX Lambson, Horation W. Sr. Arlington MA July 1981
W1MAS Wood, Robert W. Hillsboro NH July 1981
WA1PMC Canuel, Rev. Henry R. New Orleans LA July 1981
W1SAI Sleeper, Joseph N. Tilton NH July 1981
W1SCE Priest, Orrin A. Fort Myers FL July 1981
WA1SQM Montgomery, Hugh G. Tucson AZ July 1981
K1WLV Catelli, Albert A. New Bedford MA July 1981
W1AWG Dwyer, Charles M. Newport RI August 1981
W1CSS Carter, Ralph H. Lynn MA August 1981
W1DOX Routhier, Charles A. Amesbury MA August 1981
K1EAJ Weeks, Albion L. Danielson CT August 1981
W1EHS Vander Pyl, Charles M. Attleboro MA August 1981
W1EPN Clark, Luther G. Sherman Mills MA August 1981
W1EYM Bishop, nathaniel Fairfield CT August 1981
WB1EYT Gozzo, Richard S. Old Saybrook CT August 1981
W1FSK McBeth, Donald A. Wolfboro NH August 1981
W1HJK Lambert, Paul L. Meriden CT August 1981
W1HNE Poopor, Bart J. Dalton MA August 1981
W1HXC Paquette, Lloyd A. Beecher Falls VT August 1981
W1IP Jacob, Louis E. Pembroke NH August 1981
W1IPK Danforth, George L. Ols Mystic CT August 1981
W1KWT Allen, Stuart A. Portland ME August 1981
W1MD Connolly, Sylvester J. Hingham MA August 1981
K1NMP Fowler, John F. Millinocket ME August 1981
W2NUT Geberth, Howard Pawcatuck CT August 1981
WA1OPH Pezzulo, James J. Windsor CT August 1981
W1PDC Gillespie, Charles N. Wayland MA August 1981
W1RZF Holmes, Arthur W. Cochituate MA August 1981
W1SFS Ellis, Oliver D. Sr. Falmouth ME August 1981
W1TAG Fuller, Fred M. West Brattleboro VT August 1981
W1TTO Harrison Lester L. Barrington NH August 1981
K1UNA Aronson, Herbert W. Barrington RI August 1981
W1VB Glover, Walter L. Newtown CT August 1981
K3WY Wynkoop, Raymond West Barnstable MA August 1981
W1VJP Cronin, John W. Providence RI August 1981
WA1YUH Williamson, Thomas J. Pawtucket RI August 1981
K1YXU Hetu, Albert R. Acushnet MA August 1981
K1ZYG Weatherly, John F. Newton MA August 1981
W2NUT Geberth, Howard Pawcatuck CT August 1981
W1AD Doe, Charles S. Bellows Falls VT September 1981
W1AMR Bailey, Paul E. Sheepscot ME September 1981
W1CKM Riley, Lester Pawtucket RI September 1981
W1CRP McCrum, Philip W. Portland ME September 1981
WB1FEL Henry, Lawrence M. Newton MA September 1981
W1GVK Harrison, Fred H. Stratford CT September 1981
W1HMJ Sperry, Frank C. L. Newtown PA September 1981
W1JOC Bailey, Paul H. Winthrop ME September 1981
W1LDC Davis, Richard I. Auburn ME September 1981
W1OA Kenny, John Adams MA September 1981
K1PUW Puopolo, Angelo V. Somerville MA September 1981
K1QFX Armstrong, Lorenzo M. West Hartford CT September 1981
W1WKL Rogers, John E. Hyattsville MD September 1981
W1WNP Smith, Benjamin L. Concord MA September 1981
W1XF Markland, George J. Storrs CT September 1981
W1ZBY Stover, lawrence T. Portland ME September 1981
W1AOG Guptill, Donald F. Medford MA October 1981
K1APQ Antz, Edwin W. Danbury NH October 1981
W1HNB Konopka, Ernest W. North Adams MA October 1981
W1JDX Alley, Herman R. Providence RI October 1981
W1KHN Becker, Karl H. Roslindale MA October 1981
W1KVN Houndsworth, james Pittsfield MA October 1981
W1OFZ Shaw, Donald C. Worthington MA October 1981
W1PEC Stockeliburg, Norman W. Wellesley MA October 1981
W1PZU Harris, Ernest A. Manchester NH October 1981
K1QQH Wisner, Raymond C. Chesterfield MA October 1981
W1RV Ricker, Carl G. Ipswich MA October 1981
W1UZX Ripley, Carroll C. Portland ME October 1981
W1AKR Sutherland, Donald H. Bangor ME November 1981
W1AMA Reffelt, Howard A. Sandy Hook CT November 1981
W1KOV Wicks, George W. Warwick RI November 1981
W1KYX Smith, Louis H. Bedford MA November 1981
K1LXC Thayer, Webster A. South Newfane VT November 1981
W1MGD Roberts, E. Earl Ridgefield CT November 1981
W1MKA Witham, Lester A. Bradford NH November 1981
W1NGJ Burns, Edward A. Waltham MA November 1981
W1UAC Forslund, Mats G. Stratford CT November 1981
W1AXH Foster, Rufus J. North Chatham MA December 1981
W1DDI Persson, Otto F. Lynn MA December 1981
W1EMV Hale, Kayla H. -?- Costa Rica December 1981
KA1FDY Jordan, James M. East providence RI December 1981
K1PVK Deleo, Thomas A. Everett MA December 1981
W1TO Parker, Robert H. Augusta ME December 1981
WA1URY Thomas, George H. Warwick RI December 1981
W1WAZ Millikin, Brendan J. Groton CT December 1981
W1BDI Handy, Francis E. West Hartford CT January 1982
W1BJT Daniels, George W. Wakefield MA January 1982
W1GN/ex-WA1ARJ Yen, Donald L. Haverhill MA January 1982
W1HOV Hodgkins, Kenneth A. Cape Elizabeth ME January 1982
K1MPD Miles, Edward R. Reading MA January 1982
W1MTH Renault, William E. Northbridge MA January 1982
WA1PLB Schwall, Cester F. Jr. Guilford NH January 1982
W1QVS Karnes, Hugh J. Burlington VT January 1982
W1RB Hewinson, Earle G. Chicopee MA January 1982
WA1VTY Carlson, Robert E. Milford NH January 1982
WA1ACP Perry, John Middletown RI February 1982
W1ACW Hughes, Lester E. "Red" Presque Isle ME February 1982
W1AQL Brown, Grover C. Brewer ME February 1982
W1ATJ Hodge, Verden W. Claremont NH February 1982
N1AYX Keane, Kenneth W. West Warwick RI February 1982
W1FRT Medler, William E. Montpelier VT February 1982
W1HOY Harris, Helen A. Arecibo PR February 1982
W1ILX Hawkes, James W. Goffstown NH February 1982
W1NBQ Craven, James J. Jr. Chebeague ME February 1982
W1ACZ Vickers, Burnett V. Orleans MA March 1982
W1ALK Mudgett, Perley H. East Walpole MA March 1982
W1AXH James, R. Foster North Chatham MA March 1982
W1BJ Deane, Archie L. Sedgwick ME March 1982
W1BSG Willard, Ransom H. Natick MA March 1982
K1HRE Collier, Allen O. Keene NH March 1982
W1MKE Huntley, Herbert M. Trumbull CT March 1982
K1SLW Snow, Albert G. Jr. South Burlington VT March 1982
KA1BRL Beaudry, Edward F. Easthampton MA April 1982
WA1ETT Gardner, Robert M. Kittery Point ME April 1982
KA1JU Friberg, Harold A. Trumbull CT April 1982
W1NDG Adams, George W. Augusta ME April 1982
WA1RGO Oleckniche, Joseph P. Vero Beach FL April 1982
K1TEO Campagna, Leo J. Conway NH April 1982
W1TGD Les Carbeau, Arthur M. Sr. Barrington RI April 1982
W1BJ Deane, Archie L. Sedgwick ME May 1982
W1ERX Herrington, Frank M. Stamford CT May 1982
WB1GLJ Lambert, Mathew C. Winslow ME May 1982
W1LUK Scott, Ralph A. East Boothbay ME May 1982
W1ODI White, Loring C. Reading MA May 1982
K1PKA Hebert, Raoul E, Manchester NH May 1982
K1YFH Wante, Lucien H. Woonsocket RI May 1982
K1ZIM Jones, Robert R. Ayer MA May 1982
W1DMM Watkins, Adelbert E. Waltham MA June 1982
WB1ESL Langeljo, Carmine J. "Skip" Bristol RI June 1982
W1HKY Griffiths, Kenneth E. Norwood MA June 1982
W1IH Bennett, Lawrence S. Everett MA June 1982
W1SZ Rodimon, Clark C. La Jolla CA June 1982
W1VRR Mellquist, Edward New Haven CT June 1982
WA1WYS Keith, James B. Salem NH June 1982
W1YMV Stewart, William K. Marstons Mills MA June 1982
N1AZA Moss, William M. Orono ME July 1982
K1BKN Mahan, Francis J. Franklin MA July 1982
W1BKU Jay, John H. Ocala FL July 1982
W1COB Wightman, Culver A. "Whitey" Ashford CT July 1982
W1CST Berube, Ronald I. Monson MA July 1982
W1DDI Persson, Otto F. West Lynn MA July 1982
K1EBG Stover, William H. Belfast ME July 1982
ex-K1FNK Garovoy, Philip Sharon CT July 1982
KA1GEL Marrinen, William J. New Haven CT July 1982
W1KZU Binns, Herbert Feeding Hills MA July 1982
W1LCD Emond, Leo J. Allenstown NH July 1982
W1OTN Wood, Marvin G. Maynard MA July 1982
WA1PUH Turnbull, Gordon W. Sr. West Townshend VT July 1982
K1YQQ Wisiolek, Chester A. Springfield MA July 1982
W1ACS Johnson, Roy E. Worcester MA August 1982
W1BBU Hales, Frank B. Waterbury CT August 1982
W1BFB Allen, Howard D. East Greenwich RI August 1982
W1CRB Enos, James F. Lenox MA August 1982
W1DB Lefor, Nicholas F. Storrs CT August 1982
W1DHX Sheehan, Francis C. Fort Worth TX August 1982
WB1ESC Johnson, Robert D. Shelton CT August 1982
WB1FRK Devito, William J. North Bridgton ME August 1982
W1KIH Racine, Francis Pascoag RI August 1982
W1MPP Thompson, Eunice R. Orange City FL August 1982
W1UFL Driscoll, Edward T. Andover MA August 1982
K1WPS Bugen, Morris "Murray" Marblehead MA August 1982
W1YKB Storm, George S. Braintree MA August 1982
WB1AMQ Danzer, Mark A. Norwalk CT September 1982
KA1EIP Jodoin, Joseph P. New Bedford MA September 1982
WA1TAH Czajkowski, Alphonse J, Jr. Paxton MA September 1982
WB1EDN Ahare, Albert C. Ludlow MA September 1982
W1AGB Warden, Frank R. Adamsville RI October 1982
W1CBV MacGown, Lauris P. Newport ME October 1982
W1BYX Denson, Alfred C. Rockville CT October 1982
W1FNE White, John F. New London CT October 1982
K1RWF Boisclair, Jean P. Sr. Granby CT October 1982
K1ZHA Allen, Perry A. Newport RI October 1982
K1ZPG Hinterland, Warren H. Cranston RI October 1982
N1BPF Donovan, Edward R. Methuen MA November 1982
WA1GBZ Philbrick, Ellsworth Jr. Milford CT November 1982
W1JSK DuBois, Winston E. Rindge NH November 1982
W1MNK Maguire, Edward T. Manchester MA November 1982
WA1PDB Day, John W. Gloucester MA November 1982
W1RX Bateman, Squire Reading MA November 1982
W1VXC Burkett, June R. Rumford RI November 1982
WA1YUF DeSimone, Peter Johnson RI November 1982
W1YZ Sanborn, John E. Dennisport MA November 1982
N1AEX Herman, Eugene B. Norwalk CT December 1982
W1AUB Hirsch, Milton L. Stamford CT December 1982
W1AYA Jacobs, Philip C. Newtonville MA December 1982
KA1BEA Thorpe, Warren L. East Dennis MA December 1982
W1GTH Saunder, Fred W. Plantsvile CT December 1982
W1IWR Copp, Fred A. Atkinson NH December 1982
K1KHC Graton, Bowman Key Largo FL December 1982
W1KI Jaques, Louis A. Union ME December 1982
W1LMW Dufour, Raymond J. Shrewsbury MA December 1982
W1NBQ Craven, James J. Jr. Chebeague Island ME December 1982
W1OMD Altieri, Joseph R. Springfield VT December 1982
WA1QIW Husted, Frank B. Hopkinton MA December 1982
K1RKL Welch, Winthrop A. South Windsor CT December 1982
W1SHK Foley, William H. Torrington CT December 1982
W1TIX Nixon, George R. Tavares FL December 1982
K1TVE Borovy, Dennis Torrington CT December 1982
W1UH Sevigny, Alfred J. Waban MA December 1982
WA1UHD Bugbee, Alfred A. Presque Isle ME December 1982
K1VLS Post, Charles W. Worcester MA December 1982
W1WOW Laubi, Arthur Jr. Plainville MA December 1982
WA1YFD Stieg, Walter J. Fairfield CT December 1982
K1YZ Pultz, William L. Wayland MA December 1982
K1ANG Taturn; Hayward H. Newington CT January 1983
KA1AVT Smith; George "Smitty" Hadley MA January 1983
KA1AYH Durgin; Joeseph M. Union ME January 1983
W1BCJ Watts, Robert R. Stoneham MA January 1983
W1CMF Keith, Walter S. Sr. Vernon CT January 1983
W1CZM Swift, Richard D. Stockton Springs ME January 1983
K1EON Nichols, Claude E. Nashua NH January 1983
W1ITZ Foley, Robert M. Quaker Hill CT January 1983
W1JZV Britner, Frank R. Middleton MA January 1983
W1KXP Hotaling, Roger S. Concord MA January 1983
WA1LFP Upton, George C. Stamford CT January 1983
WA1VYC Baron, Murray L. Fairfield CT January 1983
W1AL Entwistle, Guy R. Wollaston MA February 1983
W1ASD Mosesw, Sam West Hartford CT February 1983
W1BFL Neri, Raymond R. Stafford Springs CT February 1983
W1DZX Carter, Ralph R. Edgewater FL February 1983
WA1FFB Johnson, John M. Worcester MA February 1983
KA1FPX Snow, Henry A. Ringe NH February 1983
W1FS Fake, William J. Lewiston ME February 1983
WA1GLG Warren, Schley A. Chicopee MA February 1983
K1GRC Alexander, Henry "Ray" Warwick RI February 1983
W1ICQ Goodsell, Adolph S. Meriden CT February 1983
K1VPA Bush, Weaver L. Ashland MA February 1983
WA1YCV Hurd, Richard G. Maynard MA February 1983
W1BEH Allen, Vernon S. East Greenwich RI March 1983
KA1EFY Hartman, Warren Danvers MA March 1983
W1GSI Projansky, Henry Miami Beach FL March 1983
K1MZW Roberts, Rene J. Holyoke MA March 1983
K1NJT Lawton, Harold C. "Clint" Providence RI March 1983
W1PY Jerauld, Dorrance G. Scituate MA March 1983
W1SIB Holman, Douglas T. Granby MA March 1983
WA1TFN Platts, Richard S. Millbury MA March 1983
K1VME Rice, Carolyn C. Worcester MA March 1983
N1BFM Morton, Willard E. Jr. Troy NH April 1983
WA1DRJ Tuffo, Doninic F. Dorchester MA April 1983
W1EG Meirowitz, David Pittsfield MA April 1983
WA1FEI Magnifico, Pasquale S. Westwood MA April 1983
K1FBM Gallo, James Warren CT April 1983
W1KRJ Pratt, Kenneth B. Milton MA April 1983
W1POK Barry, John C. Portsmouth NH April 1983
W1PPD Campbell, Colin A. Danbury CT April 1983
W1WE Harding, Richard W. Belfast ME April 1983
K1ZQL Lyons, John B. Reading MA April 1983
W1BZH Paulding, Wallace F. Rockland ME May 1983
N1CCF Richardson, Leon A. Somersworth NH May 1983
WB1FKH Vakshali, James Westbury NY May 1983
W1IIM Ferguson, Jack H. Wayland MA May 1983
K1IXD McCarter, Harry W. Old Greenwich CT May 1983
W1RFH Ferree, G. Donald West Hartford CT May 1983
W1UCC Richards, Vernon H. Rutland VT May 1983
W1VMO Patree, Chester R. Sharon MA May 1983
N1BSC Rivers, George B. Southington CT June 1983
W1DSO Manning, John R. Arlington MA June 1983
W1FXW Ingalls, Edward E. Peabody MA June 1983
W1GLX Bastable, William E. Dedham MA June 1983
W1GVH Corey, Howard H. Jr. Warwick RI June 1983
W1IWD Stearns, Herbert H. Groton CT June 1983
WA1LOX Williams, Carl C. Augusta ME June 1983
W1MCO Hickox, Douglas H. Holiday FL June 1983
W1MH Vaughn, George Brattleboro VT June 1983
WA1DSP Gethro, Frank R. Gorham ME June 1983
W1VON Griffin, Rathbun B. Granby CT June 1983
KA1CBE Hatchins, James S. Sanford ME July 1983
KA1CWR Still, Burton K. Winthrope ME July 1983
W1OLG Tryon, Leigh C. Meridon CT July 1983
W1SJ Morris, Valentine J. New Haven CT July 1983
WA1TJB Smith, C. Burton Torrington CT July 1983
W1ZS Sabin, Glenn C. Northampton MA July 1983
KA1BTU Laveille, Norman R. Greenville RI August 1983
KA1HUT Brown, Raymond H. Barrington NH August 1983
W1IMY Villandrie, Joseph C. West Warwick RI August 1983
W1KFR Macaro, Henry Cranston RI August 1983
W1TRU Berner, Alfred L. East Hartford CT August 1983
N1AOZ Smith, Georgiana Vernon VT September 1983
WB1AQT Cookson, Howard Waterbury CT September 1983
W1ATX Cook, Richard H. Norwood MA September 1983
N1COR Ganley, John J. Sr. Bethel CT September 1983
W1GAI LeVan, Mary C. Waterford CT September 1983
W1HF Roach, John J. Warwick RI September 1983
W1JTI Tallman, Leon D. South Effingham NH September 1983
W1NA Richards, Willard F. Plymouth MA September 1983
W1NWO Bridges, S. Willard Marion MA September 1983
K1QGR Jordan, Frank W. North Attleboro MA September 1983
K1RYH Godfrey, Warren R. Bremen ME September 1983
W1SSS Dowd, John H. New Bedford MA September 1983
W1BVB Moore, Henry E. Florence MA October 1983
W1DVJ Timson, George A. Kennebunkport ME October 1983
KA1IXP Obear, Bruce H. Salem NH October 1983
W1NWC Bates, Edward C. Milford CT October 1983
K1PNS Glenn, Stuart P. Waterford CT October 1983
K1RKR Moreau, Arthur J. Wakefield MA October 1983
WA1WQU Simes, Kenneth D. Worcester MA October 1983
W1CLU Sprague, Harris S. Danielson CT November 1983
WA1FHT Condie, Joseph W. Southbury MA November 1983
W1GGG Humphrey, George B. Tenants Harbor ME November 1983
KA1MG Lockwood, Myron D. Southbury CT November 1983
W1NP Gould, William B. Elberon NJ November 1983
WA1NPF Smith, Everett W. Newport RI November 1983
WA1QMS Ross, Richard A. Allenstown NH November 1983
WA1YFN Bernier, Paul E. Pawtucket RI November 1983
WA1YPF Burke, Wilfred F. Jr. Gloucester MA November 1983
WB1EXC Godsoe, Nolan D. Sr. Newport ME December 1983
WA1NAN Shuman, Lester J. North Dartmouth MA December 1983
W1NPE Jones, William E. Taftville CT December 1983
K1ZEO Blanchard, Ernest Hampstead NH December 1983
K1ZL Woodbury, Robert S. Dover MA December 1983
KA1AQW Scanlan, John Manchester NH January 1984
W1BCP Casey, John Sr. Dover NH January 1984
WB1CCR Ely, Raymond P. Willimantic CT January 1984
W1CEG McKean, Harold M. New Britain CT January 1984
K1DXX Underwood, Ridgeley B. North Andover MA January 1984
WB1FLZ Dickman, Ursula C. Beverly MA January 1984
K1JDA Merrill, Herbert S. Falmouth ME January 1984
KA1TU Wood, John J. Leicester MA January 1984
W1VGL Warner Frederic C. Bethel CT January 1984
W1VIS Hodgkins, Perry J. Winthrop MA January 1984
W1WB Halton, Edward B. Providence RI January 1984
W1AAU Chesnut, David J. East Dedham MA February 1984
W1BEU Giroux, Daniel E. Winslow ME February 1984
W1BNN Murray, John M. Sr. Bloomfield CT February 1984
K1BQB Doe, Mildred W. Bellows Falls VT February 1984
W1COX Mulno, Raymond O. Lowell MA February 1984
KA1FVT Sullivan, Robert P. Monson MA February 1984
WA1JAI Montgomery, Robert F. Stoughton MA February 1984
W1JJA Bailey, Chester A. Norwood MA February 1984
W1MW Wood, Manson E. Wakefield MA February 1984
W1US Cave, Thomas B. Harwich MA February 1984
W1WWA Carey, Francis M. East Longmeadow MA February 1984
W1NBC McGrath, William B. South Weymouth MA March 1984
K1QMR Penney, Owen W. Kennebunk ME March 1984
W1AKZ Hurnanen, Andrew Templeton MA April 1984
K1AWQ Goudreau, Paul R. Sr. Old Orchard Beach ME April 1984
K1BAY Fullerton, George W. South Portland ME April 1984
W1CNJ Gromley, Arthur "Bill" Warwick RI April 1984
AJ1I Hudson, Everett S. Billerica MA April 1984
KA1JBK Gerridge, Gilbert A. Easton MA April 1984
W1PJD Wood, Harley S. New London CT April 1984
W1QVZ O'Connor, Thomas D. Manchester NH April 1984
W1ST Stimpson, Robert D. Boothbay ME April 1984
K1SYN Grieco, Thomas W. Sr. Torrington CT April 1984
KA1ACV Mingace, Louis D. Newtonville MA May 1984
K1AF Borden, Alan A. Wallingford CT May 1984
W1EFC McLam, Charles R. Southbridge MA May 1984
W1FLR McElroy, Clare A Little Compton RI May 1984
WA1JHT Marshall, Thomas B. South Berwick ME May 1984
K1QPS Becker, Walter M. Newcastle NH May 1984
WA1RLT McEvoy, Richard H. Spencer MA May 1984
W1YXB Kalbfleisch, Karl H. Guilford CT May 1984
W1DF Grammer, George West Hartford CT June 1984
WB1EYM Szewczyk, James P. Adams MA June 1984
W1JFG Cook, Willard D. Hopedale MA June 1984
W1JPB Greening, Bruce West Hartford CT June 1984
W1RCA Campbell, Robert E. Beverly MA June 1984
W1BJC Crawford, William Bridgeport CT July 1984
W1DYT Foster, Raymond E. East Dennis MA July 1984
W1GIL Lafferty, Bernard A. East Hartford CT July 1984
W1GJ Daniels, Richard M. South Yarmouth MA July 1984
K1KKN Ballou, Sidney R. Concord MA July 1984
WA1VAO Philpott, Chester J. Wakefield MA July 1984
W1WEM Regan, Thomas J. Guilford CT July 1984
W1ARU Blake, Richmond H. Orleans MA August 1984
W1DDC Brown, Charles W. J. Ayer MA August 1984
KA1DYP Williams Jerry W. Vernon CT August 1984
W1HRA Symonds, Charles G. Hollywood FL August 1984
WA1KRL Bedard, William A. Manchester NH August 1984
W1MNA Sideri, Ercole Methuen MA August 1984
W1SRW Pike, Joseph B. Jr. Bridgton ME August 1984
K1VWI Kern, Joseph C. New Britain CT August 1984
W1WZC Gay, Richard S. Groton NH August 1984
W1YW Woodford Charles L. Arlington MA August 1984
W1YWT Cheney, Helene K. Xenia OH August 1984
WA1ACI Emery, Harold S. Milton MA September 1984
N1BLT Cote, Kenneth J. Holyoke MA September 1984
KA1ILB Zurek, Stanley W. New Britain CT September 1984
WA1JYH Maxwell, Leo H. Cambridge MA September 1984
WA1MBC McElwain, George W. Southampton MA September 1984
W1NKE Houghton, Richard W. Littleton MA September 1984
W1BHK Ortelt, Max F. Rehoboth MA October 1984
WA1ECH Brescla, Joseph T. Vernon CT October 1984
W1ETZ Morse, Asahel N. San Antonio FL October 1984
K1EUW Treiber, Frank J. Meriden CT October 1984
W1FVM Miller, H. Corwin Rindge NH October 1984
W1GEO Morgan, Gerald E. Arlington MA October 1984
W1GSD Nutini, Dorothea Smithfield RI October 1984
W1YOB Bentley, Arthur W. Glastonbury CT October 1984
W1HGG Morrison, Adam Derry NH November 1984
W1QKG Cheverie, Kenneth A. Eliot MR November 1984
W1SOU Boisvert, Theodore H. St. Albans VT November 1984
W1UWS Thompson, Harold F. Springfield VT November 1984
N1ANC Barker, Laurence A. Nashua NH December 1984
W1DC Moffat, W, Howard Darien CT December 1984
WB1EKC Gazzaniga, Alngelo L. Sr. North Adams MA December 1984
KA1EX Rehm, Arthur E. Meriden CT December 1984
WA1GOR Seidman, Leo Plainfield CT December 1984
W1JQS Fasano, Anthony G/ Wilton CT December 1984
W1LMB Dahlberg, Harold O. North Billerica MA December 1984
W1VAP Phipps, Leslie W. Holliston MA December 1984
W1YIX Donneau, Peter J. Cumberland RI December 1984
WA1CAB Reineck, William S. East Hampstead NH January 1985
W1DJQ Anderson, Herbert L. Gardner MA January 1985
KA1GZB Lachance, Adrien H. Athol MA January 1985
W1HHM Anderson, John A. Milford CT January 1985
W1KVS McGrath, Lawrence E. WestBrook ME January 1985
W1NRZ Cunningham, M. Clayton Gloucester MA January 1985
W1RSE Taylor, Albert E. West Bridgewater MA January 1985
WA1VMD Tannenbaum, Stanley B. Newington CT January 1985
W1BWH Merrill Rodney A. Attleboro MA February 1985
W1CMW Dodd, Roger W. Danvers MA February 1985
WB1DVC Miklos, Nellie J. Torrington CT February 1985
W1IOH Spiers, Thomas C. New London CT February 1985
W1MED Sprague, Harold "Dutch" Waldoboro ME February 1985
W1ODS Maher, Louis J. East Templeton MA February 1985
W1TDI Seabury, Erwyne P. Zephyrhills FL February 1985
WA1TNG Crowther, John F. Old Lyme CT February 1985
W1TQH Sheaf, Ivan L. West Southport ME February 1985
K1UKR Noiles, George D. Tavares FL February 1985
WA1YAY Henke, Edmund P. Bristol CT February 1985
W1ZER Hodgson, Alfred Springfield MA February 1985
W1ZJ Bailey, Francis H. Leicester MA February 1985
W1AC Colvin, Ralph E. Poultney VT March 1985
K1BD Banta, Theodore C. Greenwich CT March 1985
W1BIF Lovejoy, Vernon L. Mount Desert ME March 1985
KA1BNN Shannon, William J. Westfield MA March 1985
KB1CY Matczak, Chester J. Sr. Tariftville CT March 1985
KA1HQM Clark, Jane C. West Redding CT March 1985
WA1JDX Foley, James P. Waterbury CT March 1985
W1KYR Johnson, Elmer C. Middleton MA March 1985
W1MFJ Nichols, George P. Auburn ME March 1985
W1NFE McCasland, Kenneth G. Foxboro MA March 1985
W1QJB Christle, Millard P. "Chris" Pepperell MA March 1985
WA1YYW Melbourne, Richard J. East Longmeadow MA March 1985
W1ARV Quint, Kenton E. North Anson ME April 1985
W1BLQ Speed, Donald K. Portal AZ April 1985
K1CGK Payne, William T. Thompson CT April 1985
W1CTI Ells, Frederick A. Wilton CT April 1985
K1CUX Babcock, Harold I. Bennington VT April 1985
KA1HFU Fisher, Charlton J. Presque Isle ME April 1985
W1HS Martin, Henry E. South Windsor CT April 1985
W1LCK Ford, John W. Sr. Scituate MA April 1985
W1ZJE Salter, Lillian M. East Hartford CT April 1985
WA1ASH McQuillen, Edward F. Manchester NH May 1985
W1DIA Ohm, Horace U. Marblehead MA May 1985
W1FRE Erickson, Jerome "Jerry" Proctorsville VT May 1985
KA1FYO Hamilton, Charles T. East Stoneham ME May 1985
W1GDU Nipper, W. Ward Peace Dale RI May 1985
W1HSC Cann, Warren E. Hampton Beach NH May 1985
KA1LXO Behnken, Donald W. Norwalk CT May 1985
W1OHU Edwards, Wallace K. Underhill VT May 1985
W1ROS White, Paul D. Norwich CT May 1985
W1RYB Johnson, Albert E. Dorchester MA May 1985
W1UFH Demers, George E. Little Compton RI May 1985
WA1WHT Bryan, Charles F. North Port FL May 1985
N1BZX Sanders, George J. Woldoboro ME June 1985
W1CLS Farrar, Ashley A. Amherst NH June 1985
W1CNC Bendett, Henry G. Mystic CT June 1985
WA1FBM O'Donnell, James J. Westfield MA June 1985
W1GWO Schramm, Herbert O. Sr. Southbury CT June 1985
KA1IVU Bronson, Richard D. Groton CT June 1985
W1JF Schellenbach, Richard R. Reading MA June 1985
K1OCD Cook, Thomas F. Jr. Pleasant Hill CA June 1985
WA1OUO Bailwitz, Clayton Haverhill NH June 1985
W1RTI Smith, Maurice A. Niantic CT June 1985
WB2JIZ Coons, Frederick J. Nobleboro ME June 1985
N1BMY Baird, Richard E. Lynn MA July 1985
K1DZI Kolouch, William A. Jr. Vernon CT July 1985
W1EGQ Clark, Lionel B. East Hartford CT July 1985
W1LIQ Miller, Ellis F. "Bing" Wolfboro NH July 1985
WA1OYL Collins, Wesley G. Windsor CT July 1985
K1QAZ Schiavo, Delsanio J. Lehigh Acres FL July 1985
W2PDU Field, Paul L. Sr. Blue Point NY (not NH as per QST) July 1985
N1ASD Olmsted, Emily H. Lyme NH August 1985
KA1BMU Deery, Joseph P. Danbury CT August 1985
W1LOY Waite, David P. Topsfield MA August 1985
W1ONM Boudreau, Peter Seminole FL August 1985
K1OXO Krzyzaniak, J. Victor Contoocook NH August 1985
K1USQ Wallace, Evelyn M. Midland MI August 1985
K1YLB Decell, Moses E. St. Albans VT August 1985
N1AEK Cincotta, Larry J. Melrose MA September 1985
W1BCT Hardy, Charles W. Leominster MA September 1985
W1BMR Zadroga, Henry J. Bernardston MA September 1985
W1GCH Hollenback, Charles S. Colchester VT September 1985
K1KVZ Pye, Lester E. Chester NH September 1985
W1LEA Lasonde, Raymond L. Otis MA September 1985
WA1RRL Sampson, Roger W. Everett MA September 1985
W1TGH Leighton, George "Bud" Caswell ME September 1985
W1TY Byam, Lyman A. Jr. Randolph VT September 1985
WA1BHB Lawson, Carl W. Naugatuck CT October 1985
W1NC White, Earle F. Arlington MA October 1985
K1RGB Osborne, George E. Vergennes VT October 1985
W1RWD Nickersosn, Grant N. Woodbridge CT October 1985
WA1UNF Hunt, Gordon Madison CT October 1985
W2MLM Lindemann, Carl South Freeport ME October 1985
W1BF Ham, Earle G. Cumberland ME November 1985
W1CRE Diggins, Edward H. Arlington MA November 1985
K1EDW Wilcox, Keith I. Harrisville RI November 1985
W1EFY Cummings, Clinton L. Lake Havasu City AZ November 1985
W1HXK Stackhouse, William Lake Panasoffkee FL November 1985
W1JTA Gatchell, William E. Sr. Needham MA November 1985
W1KGT Huyber, Frank J. Redding CT November 1985
KA1KIG Curley, John Joseph Avon MA November 1985
W1LEA Lasonde, Raymond L. Port Richey FL November 1985
W1QU Litvenko, Wasil Woodbridge CT November 1985
K1TH Holt, Ted Fort Wayne IN November 1985
K1ZES Nathan, Leonard G. Boston MA November 1985
W1DCI Bradshaw, Wesley B. New London CT December 1985
WA1DXT Gosselin, Joseph Brighton MA December 1985
W1FTX Smith, Richard M. Hampstead NC December 1985
W1JCB Mandell, O. William Clinton CT December 1985
K1NTN Howe, Paul Worcester MA December 1985
WA1OKD Munley, Peter T. Cumberland RI December 1985
W1TXN Rizzi, Vito Hinsdale NH December 1985
K1UWB Frechette, Gerard Seabrook NH December 1985
W1BES Bellem Louis S. Jr. Scituate MA January 1986
N1BNE Wilkins, Arline I. West Yarmouth MA January 1986
W1DXM Richards, George F. Stoughton MA January 1986
W1EAL Pillsbury, Walter A. Derry NH January 1986
W1FOB Goldstone, Albert E. New Hartford CT January 1986
KA1JRM Chisholm, J. Norwood MA January 1986
W1JTG Lillie, Charles E. Westwood MA January 1986
K1LBH Norton, Raymond "Russ" Jr. Westbrook CT January 1986
K1SAU Sutherland, Albert E. North Tewksbury MA January 1986
W1TJM Cotter, Michael A. Revere MA January 1986
W1AZT Paskus, Leon L. Southington CT February 1986
W1BRI Kybert, Arthur Waltham MA February 1986
WA1CVW Price, Ellery W. Milford CT February 1986
K1GKR Moore, Richard G. North Grafton MA February 1986
KA1KKY Harris, Donald P. Norridgewock ME February 1986
KA1KQQ Talbot, Richard Cranston RI February 1986
W1NRX Brown, Carlton E. Cloucester MA February 1986
W1OV Jolliff, James E. West Newton MA February 1986
K1PTG Rossati, August "Gus" Springfield MA February 1986
W1ZML Munro, Russell D. Acton MA February 1986
W7LSP Kingsbury, Otis T. Concord NH February 1986
W1EAA Healy, Bartholomew H. Eastham MA March 1986
WA1EHG Pagliaro, Michael Stratford CT March 1986
K1GUV Chapman, Curtis L. Waterford CT March 1986
W1MLT Mansfield, William Putnam CT March 1986
W1UP Sprague, Philip L. Bangor ME March 1986
W1ZKL Hesdorfer, Frank Jr. Waterville ME March 1986
N1ARS Howarth, Burton G. South Yarmouth MA April 1986
W1BJE Taylor, Philip F. Goffstown NH April 1986
WB1CAW Lapointe, Joseph H. Granby MA April 1986
KA1KSZ Simard, Omer J. Hartford CT April 1986
W1TB Gordan, Basil B. North Windham ME April 1986
WA3BZM Mattleman, Michael J. Windham NH April 1986
WB1ABL Morris, Ralph A. Burton SC May 1986
W1AL Lamb, James J. Cupertino CA May 1986
W1BKA Parker, James D. Riverside CT May 1986
W1JIW Kelly, Andrew M. Brighton MA May 1986
W1LPQ Lillpopp, Carl O. Dalton MA May 1986
W1RH Hart, Robert W. Brookline MA May 1986
N1BOS Hughes, John H. Marion MA June 1986
W1EF Wheelden, Alston M. Brewer ME June 1986
KA1FCC Robson, James D. Sr. Swampscott MA June 1986
W1JVP Fitzgerald, John J. Belmont MA June 1986
K1RK Kohout, Francis A. East Falmouth MA June 1986
W1YCP McMahon, William J. East Hartford CT June 1986
N1NDA Siddall George T. Hyannis MA July 1986
W1AXF MacDonald, Malcolm J. Chatham MA July 1986
KA1BGA Goldthwaite, Willard C. Glocester MA July 1986
K1FJT Linley, Leonard F. Easton CT July 1986
KB1NF Pinkham, George W. Wayland MA July 1986
W1PP Sykes, Roger A. Largo FL July 1986
W1TT Mix, Milton W. Wayland MA July 1986
W1WTH Chapman, Harold S. Augusta ME July 1986
WA1ZCR Barton, Clinton E. Plainville MA July 1986
W1CBD Randall, William Bridgeport CT August 1986
W1CTR Giro, Daniel J. Westbrook ME August 1986
WB1ELY Reddy, Richard F. Jacksonville FL August 1986
W1GOY Meissner, William A. Bridgewater CT August 1986
K1HGI Cain, John R. Waltham MA August 1986
W1HWW Bachner, Carl Norwood MA August 1986
W1JV Pratt, Fearing Hingham MA August 1986
KA1ME Howes, Albert H. Wilbraham MA August 1986
K1MOU Lawson, Russell L. West Suffield CT August 1986
K1NBR Anderson, Harold C. Brandon VT August 1986
W1QS Turner, Edwin E. Siasconset MA August 1986
W1VYS Little, Robert W. Weston MA August 1986
N1ADQ Conary, Lyndon N. Rockport ME September 1986
KA1GYL Bowden, Dexter Marblehead MA September 1986
W1JDF Herrick, Summner R. Lawrence MA September 1986
W1SZQ Harrington, Cornelius J. Manchester MA September 1986
N1BRP Bluhm, Joseph I. South Easton MA October 1986
WA1DLL Wilson, Addison E. Brewster ME October 1986
W1EZI Cummings, Irvin R. A. Naples ME October 1986
W1GAG Peacor, Carroll O. Dover Foxcroft ME October 1986
W1HV Shea, Robert I. New Haven CT October 1986
WA1JQN Munsey, Lester W. Dresden ME October 1986
KA1JVH Kondos, Louis Gardiner ME October 1986
W1KCN Cheney, D. Walker Brimfield MA October 1986
WA1KLF Lizotte, Edgar E. Cumberland RI October 1986
W1KLY Hastings, C. H. Groton MA October 1986
W1LUD Farr, John W. Littleton NH October 1986
K1UVR Liebler, Eric Clinton CT October 1986
K1VVX Bartoli, Frank Sr. Norwalk CT October 1986
K1YSI Johnson, George W. Methuen MA October 1986
W1ZJB Ingalls, Wyatt O. Lincolnville ME October 1986
WA1ZXY Hushak, Chester M. Enfield CT October 1986
W1ALA Larson N. Henry Sarasota FL November 1986
K1AYE James, Frank E Natick MA November 1986
W1BPM Dunn, Thomas R. Scarborough ME November 1986
KA1BWL McCluskey, James W. Jay ME November 1986
W1DAS Austin, Burton H. Ellsworth ME November 1986
W1DPV Franson, Robert C. Iron Station NC November 1986
W1DSD Smith, Carl W. Waltham MA November 1986
WB1EVF Rosengrant, Arthur N. Manchester CT November 1986
WA1FLG Mitchell, William N. Bucksport ME November 1986
KA1FNJ MacKenzie, Roderick, W. Littleton NH November 1986
W1FZI Bliven, Richard E. Osterville MA November 1986
W1GFJ Woodward, Arnold O. Oakland ME November 1986
W1IDR Davis, Norman Dedham MA November 1986
WA1JGJ Later, George W. Greenville ME November 1986
W1JHK Massey, Louis G. Greenfield MA November 1986
W1JMA Hallenstein, Nathan A. Wellesley Hills MA November 1986
W1JRI Meshako, Joseph A. East Haven CT November 1986
W1JRM Lea, Fergus P. Portland ME November 1986
W1KBQ Arnold, Richard C. Haverhill MA November 1986
W1KLY Hastings, C. H. Groton MA November 1986
K1KO Hopkins, T. E. East Orleans MA November 1986
KA1LUY Stroup, Charles Brookfield CT November 1986
W1OMX Romine, Burton E. North Pembroke MA November 1986
W1PM Malashuk, Andrew Stamford CT November 1986
K1PWG Holden, Marguerite Ashland ME November 1986
K1QES Morgan, Donald W. Laconia NH November 1986
W1RBO Perkins, F. Carlton Windsor CT November 1986
W1RTB Waterman, Neil F. Easton CT November 1986
W1TDK Kimball, G. Myron Fryeburg ME November 1986
WA1WVB Cataldi, Alice G. Groton CT November 1986
W1AOS Gladding, G. Roger Chester CT December 1986
W1ELT Gray, Sidney G. Northboro MA December 1986
WA1HNN Reade, Bernard E. Putney VT December 1986
W1HUC Howlett, Wallace F. Groton CT December 1986
W1KYP Proulx, Royal M. Providence RI December 1986
W1NVA Laffin, Richard T. Ellsworth ME December 1986
W1VHF Pattee, John H. Marblehead MA December 1986
N1BAS Kuzia, Stanley W. Jr. New Milford CT January 1987
WA1DRB Olsen, Robert I. Newport RI January 1987
W1EIB Proctor, Harriet E. Middlebury VT January 1987
W1IPA Lant, Weston F. Bridgewater MA January 1987
W1IU Butler, herbert W. Laconia NH January 1987
W1JQJ Ricker, Frederick H. Harwich MA January 1987
K1KLJ Wabrek, George W. Sr. New Kartford CT January 1987
W1RON Carter, harold J. Stratford CT January 1987
K1UUJ Britton, Curt Bradford MA January 1987
W1WKZ Cameron, George D. Cranston RI January 1987
WA1ZLK Schmitt, John H. Watertown MA January 1987
W1ABZ Kulikowske, Henry Orange CT February 1987
W1AY Estes, Ellery E. Hanson MA February 1987
W1DFT Rivenburgh, Irving E. Waterford CT February 1987
W1EPW Harrow, John D. Norwell MA February 1987
W1JNN Bagnati, Alfred O. Saybrook CT February 1987
W1JNV Burnett, Albert Milton MA February 1987
KA1JPN Barcellos, Frank D. Wilmington MA February 1987
W1KIA Bean, Charles J. Braintree MA February 1987
WA1LMW Sohn, Samuel D. New Britain CT February 1987
K1LON Noddin, Lucy I. Forestville CT February 1987
KA1NA Flood, George Plymouth MA February 1987
KA1NJO Armstrong, Edward M. Haddam CT February 1987
WA1PAO Fowler, Fenton C. Gilford NH February 1987
W1QHP Casciano, Carmine Easton MA February 1987
WA1CGX Crispin, Robert C. Braintree MA March 1987
W1FA Forcier, Florian O. Poughkeepsie NY March 1987
W1FZW Dailey, Harry V. Rockland ME March 1987
KA1GJM Livingstone, Phil Calais ME March 1987
W1GKE Jarvinen, Toiva M. Rockland MA March 1987
W1IAR Dexter, Albert M. Old Lyme CT March 1987
K1KON Gallonio, Anthony Norwalk CT March 1987
KA1LMD Denny, Richard E. Sr. East Providence RI March 1987
W1QDJ Ellis, Arthur W. Templeton MA March 1987
WA1UWT Phelps, Louis Harvey Jr. Riverside CT March 1987
W1BIO Brown, George W. Halifax MA April 1987
KA1GAE Howard, Robert C. Gloucester MA April 1987
W1GQ Coombs, George T. Castine ME April 1987
KK1I Champagne, Paul E. Lowell MA April 1987
W1JWV Cutting, Howard H. Springfield MA April 1987
W1KTT Sherman, Calvin A. Rockland ME April 1987
W1LST Franz, Harold R. Peabody MA April 1987
W1MJZ Perka, Henry T. Groton CT April 1987
W1MTS Penney, Victor E. Alton Bay NH April 1987
W1SCY Smith, Norman E. Union ME April 1987
WA1THH Fryer, John J. Lowell MA April 1987
W1TL Stiness, Samual G. Pawtucket RI April 1987
W1ABS Stevens, Donald R. Suncook NH May 1987
K1BBE Hardy, Ernest M. South Dartmouth MA May 1987
W1CBU Coose, James Colby Stockton Springs ME May 1987
WB1DTZ Suydam, B. R. Wilbraham MA May 1987
W1GPB Salisbury, Lesley E. Belfast ME May 1987
WA1MPH Richardson, Wayne M. Sr. St. Albans VT May 1987
W1RGF Kondzior, Zigmond J. Wilson CT May 1987
W1RNA Scott, Robert L. Swanton VT May 1987
K1TVY McIntosh, William P. Bristol RI May 1987
K1WQI Sawyer, Maurice E. St. Albans VT May 1987
KA1CCM Keane, John M. East Weymouth MA June 1987
WA1DFW Dusza, John S. Westfield MA June 1987
K1DSV Miller, Harry G. Lexington MA June 1987
W1EDE White, Robert S. East Greenwich RI June 1987
KA1ELX Greenwood, Brian E. Groveland MA June 1987
W1FVG Knobel, Henry G. New Canaan CT June 1987
K1JPW Kirby, Charles F. Tyngsboro MA June 1987
W1MNI Scovill, C. Gerald Moody ME June 1987
W1PMC Chase, Benson C. Nantucket MA June 1987
N1AZG Grady, Clarence M. Clinton MA July 1987
WA1BCY Maxcy, Lloyd S. Warren ME July 1987
KA1BTN Bernard, Roger Paul Rockport MA July 1987
W1CGV Hook, Mervin W. South Burlington VT July 1987
W1CHG Parker, Phillip A. Westboro MA July 1987
W1CLG Smith, Ralph M. West Rutland VT July 1987
W1DHC Tavares, John R. Fall River MA July 1987
W1EKH Jarak, William P. South Boston MA July 1987
KA1FTP Berryment, Herbert E. Bryant Pond ME July 1987
W1IYD Swartz, Lawrence E. Middleboro MA July 1987
WD5JFV Martinson, Harold E. Manchester NH July 1987
W1JWH Young, George E. Carver MA July 1987
W1JW Dresser, W. Robert Trumbull CT July 1987
K1LOU Aylward, John O. Peabody MA July 1987
W1NVH Paskiewicz, Stanley J. North Billerica MA July 1987
WA1QCS Furbish, Walter A. South Portland ME July 1987
W1QDJ Ellis, Arthur W. Templeton MA July 1987
K1RZB Elliott, Theodore MAnchester MA July 1987
K6UJ Wentworth, Brandon Southwest Harbor ME July 1987
N1BHD Proulx, Louis Jr. Rowley MA August 1987
K1GJK Churchill, Warren E. Chapel Hill NC August 1987
KA1INM Guiney, John J. South Royalston MA August 1987
W1JDE Greene, Fairbanks W. Center Harbor NH August 1987
WA1JYQ Rummel, Howard E. Sr. Auburndale MA August 1987
KA1KTS Brunstrom, Stanley A. Quincy MA August 1987
W1LH Pettipas, James V. St. Petersburg FL August 1987
W1RF Harvey, Clifford A. Sturbridge MA August 1987
K1RMC Fountain, Frank H. Woodland ME August 1987
WA1RTC St. Germain, Alonzo L. Spencer MA August 1987
W6WL Larson, Walter R. Hampstead NH August 1987
N1AK Bartsch, Henry W. Rutland VT September 1987
KA1AQZ Smith, Harold J. Groton CT September 1987
W1FX Skitzki, Paul Portsmouth RI September 1987
W1MPT Doherty, Edward J. Braintree MA September 1987
K1OKE Hinkley, William C. Chelmsford MA September 1987
K1ORF Adams, Frederick M. Canaan CT September 1987
W1YAZ Stockwell, Stuart Meriden CT September 1987
KA1AGR Ridley, Norman N. Everett MA October 1987
AA1B Whitehead, Herbert L. Narragansett RI October 1987
KA1BMZ Curran, Patrick J. Sanford ME October 1987
W1HRX Millen, James A. North Reading MA October 1987
W1MDH Greene, Donald S. Wakefield MA October 1987
K1MRF Majka, Stanley J. Lowell MA October 1987
KA1ON Little, Thomas W. Jr. Groton MA October 1987
W1QFN Vezina, Alexander J. Fall river MA October 1987
W1SEJ Thompson, Virgil E. Auburn ME October 1987
WA1SVY DuPont, F. George Fairfield CT October 1987
WA1VUW Clark, Terrance E. Meriden CT October 1987
K1AAV Johnson, John E. Pawtucket RI November 1987
W1BXZ Stedman, Fred S. Wakefield RI November 1987
KA1CJJ Smith, Charlton Jr. "Stretch" Stockton Springs ME November 1987
W1CNO Krug, George W. Greenwich CT November 1987
W1COP Wentworth, Harold C. Scarborough ME November 1987
W1DIS Hartley, James F. Raymond ME November 1987
K1DQM Stahl, Simon J. Berlin NH November 1987
WA1EFO Douglas, Larry R. Ballardvale MA November 1987
W1EL Porter, John F. Malden MA November 1987
KA1ER Keisling,Russell M. Clinton MA November 1987
W1EXV Ralph, Thomas E. Shirley MA November 1987
KA1FGO Gleason, Charles K. Chester VT November 1987
W1GKM Davidson, David Belmont MA November 1987
WA1GKM Haining, Byron H. Sr. Rockport ME November 1987
WB1GMM Weaver, Herbert C. Granby CT November 1987
K1GNX Dias, Stephen P. North Attleboro MA November 1987
KA1HFN Harris, Donald E. Sr. Dalton MA November 1987
W1IXP Crine, Sidney O. Groton CT November 1987
WA1NEY Waterhouse, frederick H. West Hartford CT November 1987
W1OQP Graf, Albert H. Wellesley Hills MA November 1987
K1PUT Coleman, George W. Stratford CT November 1987
W1QZ Rutledge, John M. Kittery Point ME November 1987
K1RA Morgan, John B. Payson AZ November 1987
KT1W Broadley, William A. Cataumet MA November 1987
W1AFN Howard, Thomas C. Boston MA December 1987
WB1APJ Schnare, Gilbert Stoneham MA December 1987
W1AVA Waldrip, Clarence C. Saugus MA December 1987
W1DVW Julian, C. Nelson Merrimack NH December 1987
W1IAG Williams, Walter J. Middletown RI December 1987
W1KHV Augustine, George F. New Bedford MA December 1987
KA1MEC Tondreault, Arthur E. Providence RI December 1987
W1SMD Hecht, Sanford D. Newton Center MA December 1987
WA1WWH Orchard, Vernon A. Old Orchard Beach ME December 1987
W1XV Braddock, Edward Orleans MA December 1987
K1ZDX Pease, Richard W. Leominster MA December 1987
W2CHZ Eitelbach, Howard L. Eastham MA January 1988
K1CTE Ibbitson, Robert H. Hanson MA January 1988
W1DTK Perry, Willard S. Fort Fairfield ME January 1988
N1EFG Wilke, William A., Burlington MA January 1988
N1EPA Ertman, Morris West Hartford CT January 1988
W1GA Hinkley, George A. Hendersonville NC January 1988
WA1GEO Button, Blanche H. North Waterford ME January 1988
KA1GHS Roman, Robert J. Needham MA January 1988
WA1GNJ West, James F. Randolph MA January 1988
WA1GPI Bradley, Charles B. Newcastle ME January 1988
KA1GVM Simpson, Frank A. North Reading MA January 1988
KA1HFK Hesdorfer, Doris E. Waterville ME January 1988
W1HWK Linehan, Daniel Weston MA January 1988
KA1ILE Lister, James A. January 1988
W1MBQ Lair, Harold S. Vineyard Haven MA January 1988
KA1MEE LeClerc, Linda L. Columbia CT January 1988
KA1NFL Comer, Edward J. Jr. Woburn MA January 1988
KB1OD Levesque, Roland W. Winthrop ME January 1988
AB1Q Benard, Daniel A. New Boston NG January 1988
WA1TND Sykes, Francis W. Bridgton ME January 1988
W1UT Scribner, Roy N. North Sutton NH January 1988
W1YFH Eldridge, Robert T. Sunderland MA January 1988
N1AQW Goodwin, Frank R. Waterboro ME February 1988
N1BYW Orlando, Benedict Medford MA February 1988
W1DXL Moran, Edward V. Norwalk CT February 1988
KA1ETH Ostroff, Philip Fall River MA February 1988
W1HO Hawley, Frank B. New Haven CT February 1988
K1IDP Oberg, George M. Bridgton ME February 1988
W1MME Rudderham, Burgess H. Hull MA February 1988
W1SHZ Lundeen, Arthur W. Sharon CT February 1988
W1VMD Low, Raymond G. Concord NC February 1988
K1AMJ Coan, Martin Westport CT March 1988
W1GT Green, James H. Sudbury MA March 1988
K1LZM Warburton, Morton C. Wayland MA March 1988
W1PLM Albert, Leonard I. Waban MA March 1988
W1ZPW Henault, Lucien J. Grafton MA March 1988
KA1EC Ross, Donald A. Noank CT April 1988
W1FMI Sawyer, Charles M. Waterville ME April 1988
WA1FOW Litwin, Joseph F. Topsfield MA April 1988
KB1JB Tritter, Leon Canton MA April 1988
KA3LNC Ballou, Merle L. East Swanzey NH April 1988
KB1MA Starrett, Edwin F. Union ME April 1988
W1MWF Devin, Joseph E. Brighton MA April 1988
KA1NWU Babcock, Doris M. Palermo ME April 1988
W1QJM Williams, Stanley B. Guilford CT April 1988
WA1VER Hilse, Fred W. Jr. Cape Elizabeth ME April 1988
W1BDF Seeler, Edgar V. Cambridge MA May 1988
W1BFK Holderness, Joseph New Bedford MA May 1988
WB1BWP Pawloski, Otto E. Forestville CT May 1988
W1CHY Schaller, Ferdinand D. Sherborn MA May 1988
KA1DK Fuller, John H. South Burlington VT May 1988
K1EME Seneabaugh, Lillian M. North rading MA May 1988
W1ITH French, Robert M. Solon ME May 1988
KA1JA Hall, William C. Bristol NH May 1988
K1LOW Darsney, Robert E. Lynn MA May 1988
W1MCX Andrews, Warren H. Salem MA May 1988
W1MXO Tetu, Ernest A. Manchester NH May 1988
W1TAV Belcher, Donald W. East Bridgewater MA May 1988
W1TI Beach, Harold W. South Yarmouth MA May 1988
W1ZW Baldwin, Philip K. Northfield VT May 1988
WA1HXA Tomlian, Richard J. Sun City AZ June 1988
W1KQT Hornak, Michael J. Trumbull CT June 1988
W1MSX Boivin, Francis J. Lancaster NH June 1988
K1YMY Thull, Richard P. Rutland VT June 1988
W1ZHC Sears, Alfred T. Mattapoisett MA June 1988
W1ZNA Royak, Albert M. Bridgeport CT June 1988
N1AAF Fife, James A. Hopewell NY July 1988
N1BGN Caron, Leopold E. Topsham ME July 1988
W1BOM Abt, John F. Wethersfield CT July 1988
W1BPY Conant, William H. East Hartford CT July 1988
KA1BXH Jones, Storey M. Bangor ME July 1988
W1CCM Brewster, Elwood W. Grafton NH July 1988
N1CLO Stefanek, Andrew Trumbull CT July 1988
W1GAP Cheffalo, Joseph A. Newport ME July 1988
W1GNE Carter, Leonard J. Arlington MA July 1988
KA1HXX Scott, Willard C. Pittsburg NH July 1988
W1MYL Tedford, Walter Bradford RI July 1988
W1NKK Cameron Albert R. Jr. Raymond ME July 1988
W1NLU Erickson, David F. Chelmsford MA July 1988
WA1TIJ Warendorf, Harry Jr. Poway CA July 1988
K1TVG Bobrowski, Henry J. Berlin CT July 1988
K1YPE Porter, William J. Westport Point MA July 1988
KB1ZR Marrotte, Roland C. Taunton MA July 1988
N1BZW Wunschel, Rupert V. Fairhaven MA August 1988
W1HGA Dameron Vernon Sr. Brattleboro VT August 1988
KA1HIP Perry, Stanley I. Presque Isle ME August 1988
W1HKF Nemeth, Ernest J. Wallingford CT August 1988
W1KJG Parker, Clifton G. Lake Elmore VT August 1988
KE1Q Dudley, Shelton W. Jr. Guilford CT August 1988
W1ULE Hines, John Cheshire CT August 1988
WA1YUU McClallen, Charles E. Rutland VT August 1988
K1AET Thibodeau, Bernard E. Presque Isle ME September 1988
KA1CVM Polstein, Martin North Bridgton ME September 1988
KA1EIT Lamb, Ernest E. Groton CT September 1988
W1ENC Maher, Francis J. East Dorset VT September 1988
W1MCL Rice, Edward J. Uxbridge MA September 1988
WA1QQS O'Rilley, Philip T. New Britain CT September 1988
W1VK Simmons, Norman R. Burlington CT September 1988
W1VWN Parent, Arthur N. Pawtucket RI September 1988
ND1Y Pozerski, Stanley W. Tewksbury MA September 1988
W1FWT MacGuire, Ralph G. Merrimack NH October 1988
W1JB Cutting, Basil F. Suncook NH October 1988
KA1OQM Spellman, Francis A. Augusta ME October 1988
W1QXR Hennessey, John J. Bangor ME October 1988
W1RE LeVan, Paul S. Waterford CT October 1988
K1ZAU Hodgkins, Dana L. Brewer ME October 1988
K1BBP Stenman, Herbert F. Sharon CT November 1988
K1BGK Blackford, Harold R. Rowley MA November 1988
W1BYK Dean, Donald R. Auburn ME November 1988
N1CZY Duksta, John C. Jr. Block Island RI November 1988
W1DIZ Wheeler, Leland F. Shelburne Falls MA November 1988
WA1DPX Diek, Raynond G. St. Joseph MI November 1988
W1DUX Pickford, Stanley H. Webster MA November 1988
W1EFN Peck, Walter A. Pittsfield MA November 1988
W1GLF Cushman, Vernon B. Kingston MA November 1988
W1GR Morse, Richard S. Wellesley MA November 1988
W1HZ Ferris, Howard H. Concord MA November 1988
W1IHI Hindon, Reginald G. Worcester MA November 1988
W1KKB Martucci, Louis J. Exeter NH November 1988
KA1PFW Mayo, Sara Frances Windsor ME November 1988
W1UIR Chamberlain, George R. Bath ME November 1988
N1DDN MacIntyre, Ron C. B. Amesbury MA December 1988
W1GXU Beebe, Francis Niantic CT December 1988
W1JEP Campbell, Wendell H. Wenham MA December 1988
W1JGE Norton, Charles L. Meriden CT December 1988
W1LGD Brand, Donald Oxford MA December 1988
W1NSI Storrs, Richard C. Niantic CT December 1988
W1NXT Nagle, Harold S. Marblehead MA December 1988
K1SRE Grindle, Frederick M. Bar Harbor ME December 1988
W1TAM Locke, Clifton G. Berwick ME December 1988
W1YLO Wolfskill, J. Roy South Hamilton MA December 1988
WA1AEJ Cline, Gerald R. Nashua NH January 1989
W1AFL Pope, Charles F. Everett MA January 1989
W1CFQ Derick, Orion P. South Dennis MA January 1989
W1CFY Fogg, Neal F. Union ME January 1989
K1CLM Gaudet, Joseph E. Salem NH January 1989
W1DM Goodnow, Arthur C. Darien CT January 1989
W1GXB Saegaert, Norbert G. St. Petersburg FL January 1989
W1JTD Bubb, Harold A. Clinton CT January 1989
KA1LEF Stas, Francis J. Jr. Kingston MA January 1989
W1LOV Wright, Basil Harmony RI January 1989
WA1MHE Brace, Lester R. Brunswick ME January 1989
WA1PJI Sanborn, Charles A. Kittery ME January 1989
W1PYY Wood, Guy L. Pittsfield ME January 1989
W1SDC Urban, Donald E. Newburyport MA January 1989
N1BGW Cunningham, John Weymouth MA February 1989
KA1CS Weston, Leon W. Winthrop ME February 1989
W1CT Downs, George L. Weston ME February 1989
W1DSP Churchill, Robert W. Beverly MA February 1989
W1IMV Broderick, Henry M. Windsor CT February 1989
WA1IPN Klecowsky, Joseph J. Sr. West Haven CT February 1989
K1LIT Smith, Olin A. Windsor CT February 1989
W1LJL Szachowicz, Edward Brockton MA February 1989
K1NOE Lorance, Frederick M. Stoneham MA February 1989
W1OLM Erskine, Donald O. Lyndonville VT February 1989
W1PHX Galvin, Dayton W. Tucson AZ February 1989
KA1QAK Aderer, Alexander P. Keene NH February 1989
K1RGD Stetson, Ralph T Jr.. Socorro NM February 1989
N1DTY Goguen, Joseph A. Pittsfield MA March 1989
K1GZP Loughlin, T. Warren Sharon CT March 1989
W1KMS Stevens, Francis K. Sr. Brockton MA March 1989
W1KYV Tracy, Earle F. Portsmouth RI March 1989
K1NXI Zins, Albert J. New Durham NH March 1989
W1OZ Golden, Gerald M. Newton MA March 1989
W1PHT MacGregor, Merton F. Cheshire CT March 1989
WA1UNJ Feher, C. William Shelton CT March 1989
K1YMV Gentile, Gerald Newtonville MA March 1989
W1APM Woodman, George M. Jr. North Haven ME April 1989
W1ASO Grosner, George Stratford CT April 1989
KA1CPU Burns, Robert P. Ridgefield CT April 1989
W1CVD Raymond, Arthur G. Alburqueque NM April 1989
W1NDO Dale, Noel Lexington MA April 1989
K1HYQ Darling, Richard A. New London CT April 1989
K1JLW Griffin, Thomas J. Jr. Ipswich MA April 1989
W1LPF Collamore, Carrol M. Clinton MA April 1989
W1MYD Danforth, Elwood N. North Haverhill NH April 1989
W1UM Bracken, Thomas C. Carlisle MA April 1989
K1VPK Impellitteri, Salvatore H. Middletown RI April 1989
K1ZTO Linda, Arvey H. West Roxbury MA April 1989
WB3BOD Twomey, Paul B. G. Southbury CT May 1989
W1DAY Burr, Alexander Jr. Kennebunk ME May 1989
WB1DSN Foss, Russell W. Hiram ME May 1989
W1ETE Jensvold, Grar Morrisville VT May 1989
K1MED Seiferth, Franklin M. Methuen MA May 1989
W1QBC Dutcher, Robert E. Fort Myers FL May 1989
W1VCX Brennan, Edward J. Maynard MA May 1989
K1ZZN Levesque, Raymond J. Somerset MA May 1989
W1BME Stevens, Warren J. Medford MA June 1989
W2IES Randall, Douglas H. Danville VT June 1989
KA1KGO Deutsch, Laszlo Bridgeport CT June 1989
K1MRV Denning, Robert J. Chelsea MA June 1989
K1UNO Smith, Clyde M. Phillipston MA June 1989
N1AQM Charpentier, Arthur A. Mount Desert ME July 1989
W1FZS Olson, Edward G. Concord NH July 1989
W1LSJ Rengo, Arne R. Belleview FL July 1989
K1QPP Annunziato, Peter A. Ridgefield CT July 1989
WA1VMJ Gove, Edward N. Inverness FL July 1989
KB1VP McMahon. Chadwick M. New Bedford MA July 1989
W1WQT Mayhew, Roger K. Conway NH July 1989
W1BA Ferguson, Arthur W. Bradenton FL August 1989
N1CGE Reagan, Paul T. Swanzey NH August 1989
WA1FSD Boryszewski, Michael C. Whitman MA August 1989
KA1GDO Cogswell, Elliot P. Peterborough NH August 1989
KQ1G Holmberg, mervin A. Titusville FL August 1989
W1HYZ Kehoe, Joseph E. Melrose MA August 1989
W1KUO Baldwin, John W. New Haven CT August 1989
KA1QF Hirtle, John P. Greenland NH August 1989
KA1TJZ Swedis, Thomas W. Worcester MA August 1989
W1DJ Wills, harry W. Hampton NH September 1989
KA1DSR Swenson, Arthur J. Hampton Falls NH September 1989
W1GGV Grush, Philip R. Beverly MA September 1989
W1QA Barnicle, Henry A. North Reading MA September 1989
K1ZIE Shaug, Frank E. Walnut Creek CA September 1989
N1BME Burgess, Eugene H. Vinalhaven ME October 1989
WB1GAV Gardner, Franklin H. East Dennis MA October 1989
W1KYW Welles, A. William Mystic CT October 1989
W1LGQ Starr, Harold H. Boston MA October 1989
WA1NQH Martin, Ellery F. West Warwick RI October 1989
W1THA Lange, William F. Colorado Springs CO October 1989
W1WHQ Lamb, Wilfred S. Ledyard CT October 1989
W1ZD Wells, John M. Southbridge MA October 1989
WA1CPX Jenks, Robert V. Pascoag RI November 1989
W1CWG Searle, W. A. Jr. Worcester MA November 1989
W1IEF Elgart, Edmund I. Longmeadow MA November 1989
KA1IMK Pingree, Elinor P. Duxbury MA November 1989
WA1QPT Cleveland, Laurence F. Newtonville MA November 1989
AB1R Morrison, Francis H. Enfield CT November 1989
W1ZYQ Leveillee, Henry Leicester MA November 1989
W1AB Goss, Horace B. Essex CT December 1989
N1AP St. Jean, Raymond W. Leominster MA December 1989
W1BLX Smith, Standish I. Fairhaven MA December 1989
W1BVR Noble, Percy Lanesboro MA December 1989
WA1CPG Higinbotham, Paul Chelmsford MA December 1989
W1LY Pitman, John H. Quechee VT December 1989
W1RZQ Saunders, Edwin I. Carolina RI December 1989
KG1T Woodruff, Peary L. Deerfield NH December 1989
AE1Y Noelcke, carl L. Wilmington MA December 1989
WA1YAK Mercauto, Paul A. Sr. Boston MA December 1989
N1AWO Fuller, Richard Jr. Pawtucket RI January 1990
WB1EOU Plamondon, James W. Worcester MA January 1990
W1OKI Smith, Lawrence F. Sudbury MA January 1990
KA1RJT Martin, William W. Sr. Durham CT January 1990
AJ1S Terrell, Bruce Pittsfield MA January 1990
WA1STR Menzies, Robert W. Danvers MA January 1990
K1WO Doucette, Aurel J. Somerset MA January 1990
WA1YCJ Shedd, Jackson A. Wells ME January 1990
W1YXJ Guy, Waldo W. West Dennis MA January 1990
WA1ZOF Stone, Herbert H. Stoughton MA January 1990
KA1BVF Belknap, Harold M. Woonsocket RI February 1990
KA1DVH Reyen, Joseph B. Chicago IL February 1990
W1GVZ Alfano, Joseph r. Southington CT February 1990
WB1GXZ Baxter, E. M. Trenton NJ February 1990
W1IPQ Waterman, Donald W. Easton CT February 1990
W1KTS Santilli, mario waterbury CT February 1990
KA1LUM Senn, George R. Monroe CT February 1990
W1OI Anderson, carl S. Scarborough ME February 1990
W1OPJ Dupont, Melvin Bedford MA February 1990
K1PEF Seaman, Carman E. North Attleboro MA February 1990
K1RFX Price, Paul Port Charlotte FL February 1990
KA1WP Dunn, Richard T. Georgetown MA February 1990
W1WXV Bolton, Alfred South Kingston RI February 1990
WA1ZGH Maddox, Calvin W. Rockport ME February 1990
W1AJI Bourque, Philip W. Waterville ME March 1990
KB1C Weigner, Robert A. Warwick RI March 1990
W1CSG Gomes, Howard North Attleboro MA March 1990
WA1DXN Brown, William K. Spring Hill FL March 1990
KA1EKQ Pierce, George C. Westerville OH March 1990
W1HRI Bragg, Archie R. Seabrook NH March 1990
W1INN Austin, Charles W. Ashaway RI March 1990
W1JKV Lord, Kenniston W. Wallingford CT March 1990
W1KPN Fox, Florian J. Stratford CT March 1990
W1MAR Prime, Raymond I. Hampton Bays NY March 1990
W1MDC Hood, George E. Sutton VT March 1990
K1OCG Kobel, Ted A. Hudson FL March 1990
K1PNL Lefevre, Ernest N. Forestville CT March 1990
K1PV Edler, Carl E. Rumford ME March 1990
W1AQE Morris, Stephen H. Chelmsford MA April 1990
K1BDP Wykes, Howard F. Shrewsbury MA April 1990
W1FPR Ericksen, Ryder J. Boston MA April 1990
W1HI Burke, Alan W. Newton Center MA April 1990
W1KDD Nettleton, Marvin R. Torrington CT April 1990
W1KJS Tewksbury, Lloyd H. Greenfield NH April 1990
W1KSO Sharpe, Vernon B. nashua NH April 1990
KA1LZJ Muir, William C. Waltham MA April 1990
W1PFA Loeffler, William C. "Bill" Salem NH April 1990
WA1YYK Monaco, Jack Agawam MA April 1990
W1BJF Quimby, Walter E. Epping NH May 1990
K1BXY Orner, John W. Wilmington MA May 1990
W1EAW Cressy, Richard W. Contoocook NH May 1990
W1FYB Holt, Thurber E. Brunswick ME May 1990
KA1HHG Conner, Creighton L. Newburyport MA May 1990
KT1J Parker, Richard C. Milton VT May 1990
W1JMY Moskey, Joseph A. West Hartford CT May 1990
KA1JSF Squires, John W. Topsham ME May 1990
K1PQA Campagnano, John F. New Britain CT May 1990
W1WQ Parrish, Robert R. Great Barrington MA May 1990
W1WY Anzalone, frank Stamford CT May 1990
K4VY Whiddon, Earl F. Plymouth MA May 1990
KA1AMJ Nay, Robert L. West Hartford CT June 1990
KA1AVY Pearson, Frank A. Manchester CT June 1990
W1BYY Korgol, Thaddeus F. Brockton MA June 1990
W1DDY Bridge, Wilber W. Derry NH June 1990
W1DQX Newton, George O. Wilmington VT June 1990
W1GIU Foye, John E. Kittery ME June 1990
WA1GWF Carroll, James T. Fairfield CT June 1990
K1HND Camara, Joseph F. Tiverton RI June 1990
KA1JNR Muldoon, Michael F. Vernon CT June 1990
K1JWI Rogers, Helen F. Hopedale MA June 1990
KA1LWM Dunn, William E. Fairfield CT June 1990
K1OMK Roth, Jules K. Lauderhill FL June 1990
WA1PXI Towle, Edward C. Pittsfield NH June 1990
WA1YHL Brown, W. Doug Wallingford CT June 1990
K1YVZ Olsen, Edward S. Seymour CT June 1990
W1AA Heckman, Wallace E. Sun City AZ July 1990
W1BKL Rudolph, Charles F. Ridgefield CT July 1990
W1CKU Burton, Charles J. North Chatham MA July 1990
WA1CRV Curtin, James F. North Kingstown RI July 1990
W1HXG Andruszko, John Wilson CT July 1990
W1INB MacDonald, John R. Norwich CT July 1990
KA1JDX Grunewald, Walter C. Cheshire CT July 1990
WA1MAR Smith, St. Clair M. Chapel Hill NC July 1990
W1MHK Winter, Arthur R. Beverly MA July 1990
K1OIC Regis, George Palm Bay FL July 1990
W1VFB Parker, Lincoln W. Gardiner ME July 1990
W1WMX Lesiak, Michael S. Taunton MA July 1990
KA1AYI Lewis, Ernest D. Jasper FL August 1990
N1BJW Hutchins, Charles B. Rumford Point ME August 1990
WA1CED Barker, Edgar M. Union ME August 1990
K1CZY Ramsay, Allan Englewood CO August 1990
W1EZZ Barron, Malcolm E. Beverly MA August 1990
K1GHL Hubbard, Bertram A. Windsor Locks CT August 1990
W1HKK Lawson, Earl R. Venice FL August 1990
W1JJN Robishaw, John T. Rockland ME August 1990
W1KKP Coakley Tim Buzzards Bay MA August 1990
W1MQY Hunter, George R. Bristol RI August 1990
W1MTR Darling, Malvin G. MAnchester CT August 1990
W1RZG Dewey, Carlyle S. III Manchester CT August 1990
K1BI Gathercole, Herbert H. Mt Dora FL September 1990
KA1CSB Dillon, James Burlington VT September 1990
W1DFK Wilkins, Frank P. Lexington MA September 1990
WB1GJM Carr, marion L. New Bedford MA September 1990
W1HLI Packard, Richard M. Bridgewater MA September 1990
W1HUT Quinton, Deane R. Auburn ME September 1990
K1SJ Jasut, Stanley W. East Hartford CT September 1990
W1UPF Goyer, Bernard F. Hampden MA September 1990
W1AAR Hobart, Russell F. Colebrook NH October 1990
N1ADI Roy, Antonio Fairhaven MA October 1990
W1ARO McFarlane, Donald J. Scituate MA October 1990
W1BB Perry, Stuart S. Winthrop MA October 1990
W1BDM Baker, Loren E. Clinton CT October 1990
K1CEL Stone, Marilyn C. Westwood MA October 1990
N1DEZ McNair, Kenneth W. Duxbury MA October 1990
W1EOP Dresser, Walter E. Calais ME October 1990
W1EQ Caron, George R. Danielson CT October 1990
WB1EWM Benoit, Charles M. Williamstown MA October 1990
W1EZ Pratt, harold C. Pownal VT October 1990
WA1KVC Madden, John H. Lynn MA October 1990
K1TNF Montanese, Victor R. South Portland ME October 1990
WA1VNU Salmon, Ronald N. Killingworth CT October 1990
K1BGI Dermon, Kenneth E. Henniker NH November 1990
W1BMW Chesbro, Albert L. East harwich CT November 1990
K1GGG Flynn, Fred T. Glenbrook CT November 1990
W1GUI Holden, Ellis G. Lancaster MA November 1990
WA1JXL Backus, Herbert E. Bridgeport CT November 1990
W1KCL Carter. Alwyn L. Falmouth MA November 1990
WA2KOV Humphrey, Rufus T. New Britain CT November 1990
KA1LLH Stewart, David L. Stamford CT November 1990
W1NDO Robinson, Ernie Norwalk CT November 1990
W1NWG Hayward, Charles E. Westford MA November 1990
KA1UWF Zimmer, Hugo Niantic CT November 1990
WB2VMC Otto, Victor C. Framingham MA November 1990
K1VSH Quigley, William A. Greenwich CT November 1990
KA1AVG Coggeshall, Ivan S. Middletown RI December 1990
W1CDE Blum, Paul P. Stamford CT December 1990
K1COG Ham, John L. Falmouth MA December 1990
N1DNT Miller, Robert C. Hudson NH December 1990
KA1FP Majmudar, Harit Worcester MA December 1990
W1GKF Rosenberg, Stanley H. Beverly MA December 1990
KA1LDV Monroe, Paul B. Auburndale MA December 1990
KA1LVO Hagele, John F. Stanford CT December 1990
KA1LYH Smith, Philip H. Bangor ME December 1990
W1MFY Hollowell, Frederick E. Myrtle Beach SC December 1990
WA1YSF Loos, Barry R. South Windsor CT December 1990
W1AOY Walsh, Raymond F. Conway NH January 1991
K1BUI Vena, Anthony C. Stratford CT January 1991
W1BYS Parks, Dana Clearwater FL January 1991
K1JEO Jones, Samuel T. Westport CT January 1991
W1JJR Rameika, John T. Port Orange FL January 1991
W1LPB Barnett, Willard E. Hyde Park MA January 1991
W1SPK Prince, Walter Z. Middlebury VT January 1991
W1UIQ East, Warren A. Port Richey FL January 1991
W1YPH Peacor, Leona D. Dover Foxcroft ME January 1991
W1ZEN Woodward, Leonice Marboro MA January 1991
W1AWA Washburn, Joseph H. Kingston NH February 1991
K1CH Heuberger, Curtis H. Seekonk MA February 1991
W1KGF Feigenbaum, Morris West Hartford CT February 1991
W1LMO Pattee, Linwood M. Northport ME February 1991
W1ONK Sleeper, Donald H. Fairhaven MA February 1991
W1PQ Amundsen, Roger C. Hawley PA February 1991
W1RT Debragga, Robert Stonington CT February 1991
K1AC Henney, Keith Eaton (Snowville) NH March 1991
N1BOD Harrel, Hugh M. Wilbraham MA March 1991
W1HUD McMichael, John E. New Brighton PA March 1991
WA1LGL Binns, John M. Peace Dale RI March 1991
KA1LIJ McCormick, Harold E. Falmouth MA March 1991
K6LT Bluemer, Robert J. Southampton MA March 1991
K1VMX Radman, Donald A. Norwalk CT March 1991
W1ZJC Williams, Frank A. Bow NH March 1991
W1AE Sterling, George E. Portland ME April 1991
W1DQH Mahler, Richard A. Danbury CT April 1991
K1DVL Ross, Edsel E. Holden MA April 1991
K1EJ Johnson, Ephriam Florence SC April 1991
W1FOP Morse, Creighton D. Hartford CT April 1991
W1GCE Minsky, Benjamin Z. Brockton MA April 1991
KA1HNT Wallace, George C. Medford MA April 1991
W1IB Bradshaw, Donald B. Palmetto FL April 1991
W1KC McKee, Wiliam J. Worcester MA April 1991
KO1M Comfort, Frank Medford MA April 1991
K1NEM Bonneau, Joseph V. Webster MA April 1991
KA1NFJ Ames, David A. North Billerica MA April 1991
WA1RMX Pomeroy, Milton W. Vernon CT April 1991
WA1YTH Nebring, Melvin E. Fort Fairfield ME April 1991
KA1APT Crawford, Lloyd R. Littleton NH May 1991
KA1AUS Gleed, William H. Haverhill MA May 1991
W1BHR Lee, Arthur W. Brunswick ME May 1991
KA1DOT Panciera, Merito Mystic CT May 1991
W1FRJ Waters, George W. Danbury CT May 1991
W1GJZ Grant, Lloyd E. Pinellas Park FL May 1991
KA1LBL Cimorelli, John A. North Providence RI May 1991
W1QUS Cronin. Hugh E. Chicopee MA May 1991
W1RFD Corsaro, Frank C. Windsor Locks CT May 1991
KA1AHL Smith, Kenneth A. Rumney NH June 1991
WB1BSP Barnaby, Thomas G. Monroe CT June 1991
W1BUX Borden, Douglas H. Swansea MA June 1991
W1MMQ Zalewski, Stefan C. Westport MA June 1991
WA1UJR Brewster, James Granby CT June 1991
K1BR Lee, Ralph R. Norwalk CT July 1991
K1BRE Bullukian, Arthur Franklin MA July 1991
KB1FR Karvosky, Edmund P. Stratford CT July 1991
KA1FXH Hodgdon, Charles E. Skowhegan ME July 1991
WA1HBB Jennings, Sereno Sarasota FL July 1991
W1IQ Rule, William H. Augusta ME July 1991
KE4NW Nystedt, C. M. New Durham NH July 1991
KA1PHY Slomcheck, Albert M. Warren OH July 1991
KA1QYZ Cottle, Richard I. Cumberland Center ME July 1991
N1XW Andreozzi, Sosio A. Jr. Barrington RI July 1991
KA1CEU Olin, Lawrence, E. Danvers MA August 1991
W1FFT Newhall, Warren Saugus MA August 1991
W1HG Jenson, Philip N. Yarmouth ME August 1991
W1HRC Gordon, Clayton C. Millbury MA August 1991
W1HRG Berteau, Ephrem "Bert" C. Colchester VT August 1991
KA1KDO Foss, Willard J. Bangor ME August 1991
K1KWE Smith, Alvin G. Jr. Winchester MA August 1991
WA2MBQ McGAN, Philip J. North Salem NH August 1991
K1RCT Martel, Warren R. North Salem NH August 1991
W1VQN Riley, Joseph A. Jr. Wrentham MA August 1991
W1AYZ Nicholson, G. J. Jr. Tuermopolis WY September 1991
W1FTA Jones, Gladys Y. Hampton NH September 1991
KA1GKB Perham, George H. Moodus CT September 1991
KA1IVT Campbell, Wendell G. Brookline MA September 1991
W1MDT Rodyn, Ira E. Dania FL September 1991
WA1PLV Whitten, Robert K. East Dennis MA September 1991
N1AYU Eller, David M. Collinsville CT October 1991
W1BHA Hutchinson, Harold A. Waterboro ME October 1991
N1BJV Brown, harold F. Norway ME October 1991
WA1MAD Leary, Marie B. Hampton Falls NH October 1991
KY1N Lussier, Raymond R. Atkinson NH October 1991
W1RNM Hall, S. L. Marblehead MA October 1991
WA1SCR Ingalls, Irven H. Littleton NH October 1991
W1TGL Moore, Albert Somerville MA October 1991
W1YNF Dunbrack, Clifford E. Medford MA October 1991
W1ARA Spates, James L. West Springfield MA November 1991
N1BIL Graham, Arthur Norwalk CT November 1991
W1BTZ Raiselis, George P. Meriden CT November 1991
W1HFZ Riggin, Theodore K. Centerville MA November 1991
KA1ITL Martin, Russell L. Royalston MA November 1991
KA1LGM Stubbs, Alan E. Springfield VT November 1991
W1QHS Colby, James T. Jr. Litchfield NH November 1991
W1LOQ Ailes, Merton V. St. Johnsbury VT November 1991
K1WH Heinemann, William F. Bethlehem NH November 1991
N1ABF Elder, Robert M. Leominster MA December 1991
WA1BGI Lecouras, John Lynnfield MA December 1991
K1BRD Bryant, Ernest R. Canton MA December 1991
W1BVQ McCaskey, Thomas C. Upper Arlington OH December 1991
WB1DSI Beard, William M. East Weymouth MA December 1991
W1HRC Gordon, Clayton C. Millbury MA December 1991
W1IBF Ling, Robert C. Sudbury MA December 1991
W1NWW Ramson, Norval K, Castleton VT December 1991
K1OKV Stevenson, Robert D. Sr. Bridgewater MA December 1991
NY1Q Fairbanks, herbert W. Worcester MA December 1991
KA1QQT Blotney, Bernard H. Milford CT December 1991
W1ZQQ Stewart, George F. Holiday FL December 1991
W1AAN Fern, Arthur L. Sr. Dr. Bloomfield CT January 1992
K1CCW Lingel, Fred J. Lynnfield MA January 1992
W1CNK Leavitt, T. B. Waynesboro VA January 1992
K1DWH Wolstenholme, Florence M. Lincoln RI January 1992
K1EMU Doane, Robert K. West Newton MA January 1992
K1JPK Wolstenholme, Eric H. Lincoln RI January 1992
W1KUV Davis, Albert F. Rutland VT January 1992
W1VYB Gysan, James D. Manchester NH January 1992
K1CFQ Murphy, Thomas L. Middletown RI February 1992
W1HC Chinn, Howard A. Port Charlotte FL February 1992
K1HGT Martin, Frank M. East Weymouth MA February 1992
W1II Taylor, Lloyd H. Old Lyme CT February 1992
W1MO McMaster, John E. Wareham MA February 1992
WA1RQF Armstrong, W. R. Northboro MA February 1992
KA1SJE Allard, Robert V. North Smithfield RI February 1992
KA1SNK Ludke, Edwin F. Plaistow NH February 1992
W1SXX Rounds, James E. Parker CO February 1992
KD1AA Kravat, Edward D. Groton CT March 1992
W1AOQ Crowell, Gilman K. Concord NH March 1992
KA1AXT Norrie, Thomas H. Wallingford CT March 1992
W1EMN Sayward, S. S. "Sam" Wolfeboro NH March 1992
WA1EPH Rich, Alan E. Longmeadow MA March 1992
K1LS Steinberger, Leon Framingham MA March 1992
K1SV Burton, Harry R. Dennis MA March 1992
KB1UP Grace, Martin F. Norwalk CT March 1992
K1URD Goodof, Irving R. Naples FL March 1992
WA1VHM Guertin, Theodore D. Worcester MA March 1992
KA1DFI Kavarnos, Spiro New London CT April 1992
WA1JLX Evans, John T. Mountain View CA April 1992
K1PJE Witkowski, John A. Rutland VT April 1992
K1AZD Nokelske, Bartholomew J. West Haven CT May 1992
K1BHD Douglas, Kenneth C. Colebrook NH May 1992
W1BHD Dunbrack, Melvin H. Malden MA May 1992
W1CKH May, Robert F. North Providence RI May 1992
W1FG Colafati, George A. North Branford CT May 1992
KA1GNZ Cheney, Paul D. Swampscott MA May 1992
N1GOW Hyssong, Robert G. Cape Coral FL May 1992
KA1MDM Reynolds, William E. Concord MA May 1992
W1MOJ Levine, Charles Millis MA May 1992
W1NF Ericson, Arthur E. Beverly MA May 1992
W1PNY Schroeder, Peter B. Mansfield Center CT May 1992
K1PZL Gustin, John S. Edmond OK May 1992
W1TSL Squadrito, William S. Pawcatuck CT May 1992
KP2AJ Young, F. M. South Boston MA June 1992
W1BJJ Gannett, Ernest Great Barrington MA June 1992
N1FHE Brand, Dudley Coventry CT June 1992
W1HHK Beckwith, Raymond J. Waterford CT June 1992
W1MYZ Beaudoin, Bernard L. Wilbraham MA June 1992
W1AZP Mitchell, Abraham South Windsor CT July 1992
K1CLF Schark, Allen E. Presque isle ME July 1992
N1CPL MacKinnon, Stuart W. Raymond ME July 1992
W1EIF Winkley, Charles E. Jr. Plymouth MA July 1992
W1EXC Laing, John G. Schaumberg IL July 1992
K1HSI Jennett, James New Port Richey FL July 1992
KA1IQE Carlson, Roger E. West Barnstable MA July 1992
N1IRC Groves, Robert L. Lunenburg MA July 1992
WB2NUK Shriner, Wilber L. Burlington VT July 1992
K1PBF Dowdell, Robert C. Danvers MA July 1992
WA1PLW Porter, Ivan Sudbury MA July 1992
W1RLO Wright, Russell G. Lynn MA July 1992
W1RLV Witowski, Thaddeus J. Ludlow MA July 1992
KA1WGB Dawson, Herman L. Newport RI July 1992
W1WTF Rummell, George C. Walpole MA July 1992
W1YET Duquette, Kenneth G. Jacksonville FL July 1992
NR1Z Ortloff, James E. Underhill VT July 1992
KA1ZU Herman, Milton J. Bridgeport CT July 1992
N1BJP Faire, A. C. Carver MA August 1992
W1COS Chilson, Clarence E. Hopedale MA August 1992
WB1CCR Hayward, Nelson G. Rumford RI August 1992
W1FEE Roderick, Edgar Bonita Springs FL August 1992
W1OKB Clapp, Clarence A. Reading MA August 1992
W1UQV De Bragga, Joseph A. Stonington CT August 1992
AB1F Winfrey, Richard C. Boxboro MA September 1992
W1FAT Babcock, Leslie B. Palmero ME September 1992
WB1FRQ Bailey, Robert E. Fort Myers Beach FL September 1992
N1FS Somers, Frank W. Middlebury VT September 1992
N1HGO Rostrup, Charles Wakefield RI September 1992
KA1HPO Emery, Bernard C. Franklin NH September 1992
W1OMC Porter, John C. North Scituate RI September 1992
W1QHG Judkins, Bernard L. Kennebunkport ME September 1992
K1CTV Wright, Warren L. Suffield CT October 1992
W2DJX Beatty, Frank W. Leeds ME October 1992
W1HHF Gelineau, Antonio G. Burlington VT October 1992
W1HKU Ahern, John D. Melrose MA October 1992
W1IDV MacKenney, Carl R. Islington MA October 1992
W1JFH Martin, Earl M. Lynn MA October 1992
KA1LWN Cummings, Herbert Revere MA October 1992
WA1NSC Peck, Gorden H. Jackman ME October 1992
W1RS Story, Robert K. Westbrook CT October 1992
KA1SBF Scheinman, Maurice D. New Bedford MA October 1992
N1ACB Berger, U. S. Merideth NH November 1992
K1AIK Crowell, Leland R. North Falmouth MA November 1992
K1AOX Kent, Henry Coventry CT November 1992
WB1ELP Mattson, John C. Newton NH November 1992
W1HGI Bach, Norm Bethesda MD November 1992
W1HTK Daley, Edward J. Vernon Center VT November 1992
KA1HXO Snow, Carl O. North Swanzey NH November 1992
W1KYG Apostolos, Timothy Merrimack NH November 1992
W1LJK Pulnik, Joseph M. West Roxbury MA November 1992
W1QB Knowles, Jerome Jr. Northeast Harbor ME November 1992
W1QLL Rex, Harry W. Jr. Nantucket MA November 1992
W1RVY Wilhelm, Kurt E. Barrington RI November 1992
W1UNA Eichelberger, Thomas J. Marblehead MA November 1992
K1VYC La France Adelard J. Pawtucket RI November 1992
K1DVX Pickering, Charles A. Attleboro MA December 1992
WA1FCE Morton, Charles W. Cumberland RI December 1992
WA1FQW Kennedy, George L. Milbridge ME December 1992
W1GMN McGloin, John E. Waterford CT December 1992
WB1HIH Goodman, Richard Williamstown MA December 1992
K1KGF Gilligan, James L. New Canaan CT December 1992
W1KKD Barrer, Conrad R. Franklin VT December 1992
KA1LPM Eggleston, Robert W. Torrington CT December 1992
KA1NUH Brusie, Graham S. West Swanzey NH December 1992
KA1PGM Simmons, Joseph G. Newport RI December 1992
KA1QY Hubbard, Fred A. Osterville MA December 1992
WA1AZP Lynch, John A. Worcester MA January 1993
W1BMX Gamache, Raymond A. Lisbon ME January 1993
WB1CDQ Welcome, Charlie E. Greensboro VT January 1993
W1CFU Cushing, William T. Auburndale MA January 1993
KA1DMO Busch, Henry W. Glastonbury CT January 1993
KA1GG Decosta, Bob Rochester MA January 1993
N1HRF Gibbs, Frederick M. Winchendon MA January 1993
W1JZQ Plouff, Ralph F. North Reading MA January 1993
W1LAZ Whitaker, Clarence W. New Bedford MA January 1993
AE1P Govoni, Robert Halifax MA January 1993
W1QZR Campbell, Harold K. North Hampton NH January 1993
KA1ZTA Sinon, Fred W. Darien CT January 1993
W1AFI Bigelow, Andrew J. Sr. Marlboro MA February 1993
W1AGL Darling, Louis Bangor ME February 1993
W8BFO Wellman, Howard J. Amherst MA February 1993
W1FKC Mitchell, John A. South Thomaston ME February 1993
WB1GJI Cain, Peter A. Wayland MA February 1993
W1HRQ Warner, Henry K. Kennebunkport ME February 1993
WA1NPM Wirfel, William M. Glens Falls NY February 1993
W1QAH Soroka, Nicholas, Newington CT February 1993
WO1S Stuart, Franklin H. II Boston MA February 1993
K1TGM Smith, Edrick A. Norton MA February 1993
W1VOS Snow, Marjorie C. Farmington CT February 1993
KA1BH Jetter, Terry E. Stamford CT March 1993
W1EGW Baker, Donal B. Franklin MA March 1993
WA1GOW Soule, Leland C. Kingston MA March 1993
W1GRT Watts, Albert E. Haverhill MA March 1993
W1GYI Harris, Hiram D. Harwich MA March 1993
N1HDK Liberi, Bernard H. Jr. Milton NH March 1993
W1IDA Nelson, Clifford V. Gorham ME March 1993
KB1JJ Millar, Terrence S. Bay St. Louis MS March 1993
W1KD Lyman, Frank Jr. Pittsfield NH March 1993
N1MHS Maynard, Hamiltom M. Fair Haven VT March 1993
K1NPE Goldman, Jerome Norwalk CT March 1993
K1OJF Sleep, Frederick H. Jr. Melbourne FL March 1993
W1OQK Ciszek, Stanley C. Niantic CT March 1993
W1RZT Dauphinais, Harvey E. Hudson NH March 1993
W1SUQ Ferrara, John West Haven CT March 1993
W1TVN Paterson, Thomas S. Groton CT March 1993
W1ZSH Blanchard, William E. Franklin MA March 1993
W1ASI Mullen, Jooseph A. Hyde Park MA April 1993
W1DYS Handley, Hilton A. Mary Esther FL April 1993
W1EIY Wilson, Frederick P. Portland ME April 1993
N1FGI Collins, Edward F. East Providence RI April 1993
K1KFV Whiston, Donald Bristol NH April 1993
KA1MRC Mason, Les Meriden CT April 1993
K1PTV Beltz, William J. Lyons NY April 1993
W1UK Raye, George W. Darien CT April 1993
W1AOR Frazier, George F. Mt. Dora FL May 1993
K1BMU Garran, F. W. No. Truro MA May 1993
KA1CYW Tweedy, Charles S. Somerville MA May 1993
KA1ISK Hamlin, Donald Suncook NH May 1993
W1MHC Jarvis, Franklin T. Stoneham MA May 1993
W1MRC Fraser, Ether M. Trumbull CT May 1993
K1MRM Whelpley, George A. West Hartford CT May 1993
K1NFW Peckham, Carlisle H. Melrose MA May 1993
G3RKC / W1 Bryan, W. J. Burlington MA May 1993
W1RPW Sigda, Raymond R. St. Augustine FL May 1993
WA1SOC Yanow, Perry Revere MA May 1993
WA1TKI Carter, Anna Marie Stratford CT May 1993
W1UWU Obert, Robert M. Milford CT May 1993
WA1ZHZ Sacchetti, Vincent J. Gilford NH May 1993
K1ADU King, Robert C. Brooksville FL June 1993
K1CSY Carruth, Ernest C. Storrs CT June 1993
K1CUF Floreskul, Stanley W. Roslinsale MA June 1993
WA1FEU Buttner, Peter Green River VT June 1993
WB1FTX Leavitt, Robert R. Southwick MA June 1993
W1KID Desellier, Charles H. Cambridge NA June 1993
W2KOY Simon, Eugene P. Cambridge MA June 1993
W1TBI Izumi, Ernest M. Pacific Cove CA June 1993
W1VWL Beams, Richard A. Norwich CT June 1993
WA1WOT Johnson, Russell A. Auburn MA June 1993
W1YO Boswell, Jeb Springfield IL June 1993
W1FBJ Ramsdell, Winfield A. Sarasota FL July 1993
W1GIC Callan, Edward B. Somerville MA July 1993
KA1GQU Middleton, Robert W. Quacker Hill CT July 1993
W1HOZ Kuniholm, David A. Petersham MA July 1993
K1KK Reinhart, Robert C. Richardson TX July 1993
W1MXU Guysunas, B. I. New Haven CT July 1993
WA1NQS Freeman, Price F. Orris Island ME July 1993
WA1OBV Intravia, Edward T. Newington CT July 1993
KA1PUL Nale, Tellis T. Charlton MA July 1993
W1QJI Benedict, Michael D. Jr. Quincy MA July 1993
K1QXF Kulas, Grahame J. Grafton NH July 1993
W1TUW Cabaniss, David L. Tolland CT July 1993
W1ZJK Bergeron, Alcide V. West Newbury MA July 1993
WA1DPF Albright, Jasper E. West Warwick RI August 1993
W1EZG Horwinski, E. Old Mystic CT August 1993
K1JRE Fleischer, Edwin J. Andover MA August 1993
W1KEL Mills, John South Weymouth MA August 1993
W1LYN Lee, Donald J. Andover MA August 1993
W1OK Hauger, Oscar A. Fairlee VT August 1993
NS1O Prior, Roger E. New London (Eklins) NH August 1993
WA1TJC Jewett, Raymond B. East Dennis MA August 1993
WA1UKS Doesschate, Walter Jr. Warwick RI August 1993
W1WAE MacCallum, Bernard L. Lexington MA August 1993
N1AWI Collins, Robert F. Groton CT September 1993
W1BCN Gosselin, Esward A. Alpine TX September 1993
KA1CO Odems, Frederick Tampa FL September 1993
N1FVY De Bettencourt, Joseph T. Needham MA September 1993
W1HLE Knott, John R. Iowa City IA September 1993
WA1HTE Shaw, Marshall A. Attleboro MA September 1993
W1JGU Dugan, James J. Amherst NH September 1993
W1MEQ Clement, Alfred Jr. Cranston RI September 1993
N1MLW Kates, William H. Milford CT September 1993
KA1YYI Byron, John H. Jr. Dixfield ME September 1993
W1ZVC Barnett, Charles W. Fairhaven MA September 1993
KA1BFC Knauff, Donald R. Windsor CT October 1993
WA1BHU Lattanzi, William F. Orange CT October 1993
WB1BZT Boisvert, Russell J. Claremont NH October 1993
KQ1D White, Wallace H. Auburn ME October 1993
KA1ENA Levesque, Ralph A. Trumbull CT October 1993
K1FLO Russell, Daniel L. Smyrna Mills ME October 1993
KY1J Ciampa, Edward L. Brunswick ME October 1993
KA1LOW Kensiski, Richard J. Terryville CT October 1993
WA1OMD Sawyer, Hall C. South Windham ME October 1993
K1REC Strolin, Joseph C. Norwalk CT October 1993
W1WK Wood, Leon G. Avon Park FL October 1993
W1WKW Skarupa, Stephen G. Stratford CT October 1993
K1AOY Oppelt, Edward, G. South Windsor CT November 1993
W1AT Dean, William B. Newton MA November 1993
KA1EYH Graham, Everett W. Hebron CT November 1993
N1EYL McGowan, Marvin C. East Hartford CT November 1993
WA1FFN Tupper. Harland A. Worcester MA November 1993
W1HN Haymond, David West Hartford CT November 1993
W1HOM Zwink, Adalbert T. East Falmouth MA November 1993
N1ITW Wood, Robert M. Hardwick MA November 1993
W1IRS Powell, Waldo I. West Yarmouth MA November 1993
W1MGE Paul, Maurice J. Easthampton MA November 1993
N1OJJ Parker, James A. Manset ME November 1993
W1PE Gorski, Chester J. Amston CT November 1993
K1UUE Smith, Estelle J. Northfield MA November 1993
K1YKQ Leary, C. F. Hampton Falls NH November 1993
K1ACM Harrigan, Christabel M. Beverly MA December 1993
W1CJH Fuller, Roy B. East Greenwich RI December 1993
W1EKU Hook, Vernon N. Chelsea VT December 1993
KA1ELT Auclair, John C. Haverhill MA December 1993
W1FFF Brassard, Theodore A. Abington CT December 1993
K1IND Flood, Malcolm L. Mashpee MA December 1993
K1IPB Downey, William F. Hingham MA December 1993
KA1JNF Remmell, Patrick Marshfield VT December 1993
W1JVM Masulb, John Shelton CT December 1993
W1RDP Densmore, Harold C. Milford NH December 1993
W1RSQ Sullivan, Donald F. West Hartford CT December 1993
KA1SJH White, Donald E. New London CT December 1993
WA1YBP Zebrowski, Patricia Trumball CT December 1993
WA1CUT Barrett, Andrew Stratford CT January 1994
WA1DFL Rich, Steven J. Revere MA January 1994
K1KQK Taylor, Paul W. Harrison ME January 1994
W1NBV Wentzel, Maynard E. Medford MA January 1994
KB1OL Robinson, Jerome Danbury CT January 1994
W1PHU Lloyd, David W. East Longmeadow MA January 1994
KA1PX Gross, Fritz A. Westwood MA January 1994
WA1RWP Sanderson, Nathan H. III Francestown NH January 1994
W1TIV Rose, Frank West Yarmouth MA January 1994
WA1UOP Penttila, Uno W. Spencer MA January 1994
K1ZFP Barber, Elmer Jensen Beach FL January 1994
W1ZQO Williams, William M. Cummaquid MA January 1994
W1BLR Shulkey, Donald H. Laconia NH February 1994
K1CKR Barrett, Josiah S. Nantucket MA February 1994
N1CUG Caron, Marcel H. Greenville NH February 1994
W1FON Forant, George F. Walpole MA February 1994
KD1HS Violette, Clifford A. Templeton MA February 1994
W1IBV Macquarrie, Allan B. Needham MA February 1994
KR7J Owens, James S. Portsmouth RI February 1994
W1JEQ Chambers, C. F. West Hartford MA February 1994
W1JFB Drury, Robert J. Glastonberry CT February 1994
W1KVP Iaccarino, Peter H. Madison CT February 1994
K1SDL Cain, Norman R. Portsmouth NH February 1994
N1AHP Scenna, Lee J. Melrose MA March 1994
W1DK Petit, Eugene B. Riverside RI March 1994
KA1DLZ Norwood, Everett Hallowell ME March 1994
W1FAC Wendle, William E. Danbury CT March 1994
W1GEB Macarone, Domenic P. Mansfield MA March 1994
W1LQG Wilson, James North Providence RI March 1994
W1MFU Littlefield, Robert A. Hampden ME March 1994
W1OFR Hooper, Robert W. Sanbornville NH March 1994
K1OKC Chapman, Beatrice C. Augusta ME March 1994
WA1OTB Wright, William O. Old Lyme CT March 1994
W1RUS Impagliazzo, John Middletown RI March 1994
W1UPK Rodenhiser, Margaret L. New Ipswich NH March 1994
W1CGM Newcomb, Alice B. Manchester VT April 1994
WA1DEA Larson, Werner J. Jupiter FL April 1994
K1EGN Noyes, Forest H. Andover MA April 1994
K1ETT Marcin, Joseph N. Jr. North Andover MA April 1994
W1IOD Hurd, Henry C. Boston MA April 1994
K1IUA Gwozdz, Stanley New Britain CT April 1994
K1KEK Dean, Bradford R. South Yarmouth MA April 1994
K1KZZ Stracqualursi, Bernard J. Zebulon NC April 1994
KA1NKU McKeown, Thomas E. North Scituate MA April 1994
W1OOV Carter, Frank A. Jr. Barrington RI April 1994
K1SRW Herlihy, Francis E. Gilmanton NH April 1994
N1CBA Peterson, John A. Augusta ME May 1994
K1CPW Blake. Selwyn N. Andover MA May 1994
N1DGV Gardiner, Leroy E. Warwick RI May 1994
W1EAN Hudson, Merrill J. Culpeper VA May 1994
KA1EXX Dente, Harry, J. Thomaston CT May 1994
W1FXX Guenette, Alban V. Salem MA May 1994
W1IMO Matthews, Francis S. Sagamore MA May 1994
WA1JSH McKay, Edgar L. Jr. Long Wood FL May 1994
K1PBJ Darling, Charles H. Orleans MA May 1994
WA1YZA Whitney, James C., Torrington CT May 1994
N1AFP Hersey, Raymond E. East Dennis MA June 1994
WB1APA Meserve, Lester D. Hingham MA June 1994
N1CCV Woodlee, H. D. Dedham MA June 1994
W1DDX Dillman, Richard H. Sr. Wallingford CT June 1994
W1DTD Demain, James Concord NH June 1994
W1ELV Hawes, Water B. Concord MA June 1994
W1FNI Normand, Louis P. Sanford ME June 1994
W1GUJ Holland, Harry F. Taunton MA June 1994
K1HEL Parker, Philip L. Presque Isle ME June 1994
K1HNH Teitel, Dr. Milton H. "Doc" Springfield MA June 1994
W1IAE Callum, Merrill Sharon MA June 1994
W1MIJ Getter, Carl M. North Natick MA June 1994
NN1N Lloyd, Allison L. Concord NH June 1994
K1NYS Andrews, Guy W. Plymouth NH June 1994
WA1OCK Wolos, Joseph A. Springfield MA June 1994
W1PWD Torrey, Leroy J. Winter Harbor ME June 1994
K1PZJ Noskes, Albert L. Woodbury CT June 1994
W1RL Szarek, Walter R. Holden MA June 1994
W1RUO Davenport, Richard C. Windsor ME June 1994
W1TNS Newton, Charles R. Simsbury CT June 1994
W1AAJ Hayles, Earl A. Rutland VT July 1994
N1AB Fichthorn, Kurtz A. Waterford PA July 1994
N1BKC Bristow, Edward B. Jr. Ellijay GAJuly 1994
K1DTW O'Conner, James F. Orrington ME July 1994
W1EP Adler, Edgar H. Raynham MA July 1994
WA1ETO Crowley, Daniel M. Sr. Providence RI July 1994
W1FI Roadstrum, W. H. Holden MA July 1994
W1FJC Edwards, William M. North Smithfield RI July 1994
ND1F DeFelice, Robert J. Lawrence MA July 1994
N1GOA Lebovitz, Robert West Hartford CT July 1994
W1IYW Tivnan, Paul E. Beverly MA July 1994
W1JPK Bent, Roger A. Natick MA July 1994
KA1LIH Smith, Morton Falmouth MA July 1994
K1LOO Forbes, Thomas W. Warren VT July 1994
W4LUG Herrington, Lee R. Manchester NH July 1994
W1NDI Mansur, Lawrence C. Bedford MA July 1994
K1OJD Walker, Wendell E. East Montpelier VT July 1994
W1TW Borden, Jefferson IV Barrington RI July 1994
W1UHI Wheatley, Ernest M. Richmond VT July 1994
KA1UP Caywood, R. W. Reading MA July 1994
W1VUO Russell, Arthur J. Jr. Salem MA July 1994
WA1WMZ Weiss, Adam W. Mamaroneck NY July 1994
WA1ZQD Rosenberg, Beatrice E. Sharon MA July 1994
W1BBV Gladding, Everett B. Greenville TX August 1994
W1BQ Janvrin, Walter A. Tampa FL August 1994
W1CTF Day, Bingham G. Suffield CT August 1994
W1FNY Dorsey, Culver R. Waterford CT August 1994
KA1GZU Luke, Francis A. Westbrook ME August 1994
KA1HAJ Hazel, Morrin E. Jr. Saugus MA August 1994
W1HBB Broeg, Philip E. Burlington MA August 1994
KA1KUG Glanert, Edward E. Sr. East Hartford CT August 1994
W1PAA Mason, Harry L. Noroton CT August 1994
K1RPQ Davis, Frederick J. Bristol CT August 1994
W1YFZ Meehan, David W. Portsmouth NH August 1994
KA1YHY O'Brien, Henry L. East Weymouth MA August 1994
W1AH Neff, William E. Jr. Simsbury CT September 1994
W1CEV Spaulding, Payson E. Gardiner ME September 1994
K1CLH Kiser, Byron H. Jr. Marlboro MA September 1994
WA1DEC Ochs, Robert F. Milton MA September 1994
KA1EHY Speare, Alden Jr. Providence RI September 1994
N1FEQ Getchell, Paul R. Burlington MA September 1994
W1FPM Strictland, Clarence R. Southington CT September 1994
W1HEZ Crouch, Hugh C. Springvale ME September 1994
WA1LSU Kelley, Chester B. Jr. Centerville MA September 1994
W1LTW Nelson, Hassall E. Ryegate VT September 1994
N1MMF Kelley, Paul E. St. Albans VT September 1994
W1ON Peardon, Arthur P. Centerville MA September 1994
W1PN Aitken, Hugh G. J. Amherst MA September 1994
W1QQC Harper, James A. Eastham MA September 1994
NE1T Campana, Lucien Ludlow MA September 1994
W1UFV Blake, Wallace East hartford CT September 1994
KA1UJ Hobert, Robert J. Weston VT September 1994
K1ATU Talbot, Alexander W. Worcester MA October 1994
KA1AVD Mattes, Carl J. Jr. Sterling VA October 1994
W1BBH Houghtaling, Earl W. Rochester NH October 1994
K1GUC Babb, Leslie R. Honolulu HI October 1994
W1HRS Rabe, William A. Phoenix AZ October 1994
N1MMF Kelley, Paul E. St. Albans VT October 1994
W1NKS Taylor, Russell W. Orleans MA October 1994
K1OCN Bambini, Nello A. Hyde Park MA October 1994
W1QEX Tolderlund, Stanley T. Newport RI October 1994
W1RY Bates, Arthur C. Weymouth MA October 1994
ND1W Haisty, Robert W. Raleigh NC October 1994
W1AJK Linell, Arthur E. Watertown MA November 1994
WA1A King, Edward L. Warren RI November 1994
W1BEO Noddin, Leroy C. Forestville CT November 1994
K1BKB Dauphin, Edward H. Sr. South Burlington VT November 1994
W1CAO Story, Sherman A. Marblehead MA November 1994
KD1DN Melanson, Joseph I. Haverhill MA November 1994
K1DPG Haigis, Philip J. Naples FL November 1994
WB1EKW Loudermilk L. B. Middletown RI November 1994
N1FEO Wallace, Gorden Mystic CT November 1994
N1LIT Lastauskas, Daniel A. Voluntown CT November 1994
W1LQN Holbrook, Lawrence S. Halifax MA November 1994
KA1MKY Hirshfeld, Francis A. Hanover MA November 1994
WA1TQP Farrington, John Canton MA November 1994
K1TZH Johnson, Lester E. Brooks ME November 1994
KA1VJS Comeau, Edmond Exeter NH November 1994
W1YRD Barbato, Frank Canton MA November 1994
WG1Z DeMarco, Robert A. Wakefield MA November 1994
KB1AXP Heller, Robert C. Wolcott CT December 1994
N1BA Ransier, William W. Portland OR December 1994
N1BIO Hooley, Daniel F. Carver MA December 1994
K1MZN Boland, Owen L. Central Falls RI December 1994
WJ1N Guthrie, David Denmark ME December 1994
W1PHG Borgia, Alexander A. Gastonbury CT December 1994
KA1PJ MacMillen, Edwin P. West Haven CT December 1994
WA1YMW Hill, Herbert E. Quincy MA December 1994
W1ALT Caswell, Frank H. Brewster MA January 1995
W1ATC McCarthy, Henry J. Grantham NH January 1995
K1DVV Bartolotta, Sal Middletown CT January 1995
KA1EDX Ferrante, Dominic Marblehead MA January 1995
KB1ER Nettleton, Joanna C. Torrington CT January 1995
W1FRZ Hinds, Donald E. Stoughton MA January 1995
W1GEN Oehring, Marvin Spring Hill FL January 1995
W1MMV Cunningham, Gerald W. Sr. Barre VT January 1995
W1OPZ Walther, Carl S. Waterford CT January 1995
W1SSF Damon, Ernest M. Tampa FL January 1995
KA1TSF Skoolicas, Charles G. Barrington NH January 1995
WA1UIV Overstreet, Edgar G. Springfield MA January 1995
K1YLH Zonia, James D. Webster MA January 1995
W1YQ Sweet, Harold Marblehead MA January 1995
W1YVM Norris, Robert G. Sr. Auburn NH January 1995
W1AKG Domorod, Stanley Shelton CT February 1995
WB1ASX Noll, Peter Naples FL February 1995
W1AZY Ashworth, Frederic W. New Bedford MA February 1995
N1DGR Snow, Clarence N. Houlton ME February 1995
KB1EF Persson, Otto F. Jr. Lynn MA February 1995
N1FOL Giboney, David M. Sunland CA February 1995
W1GUC DePasquale, Peter L. East Granby CT February 1995
W1HCU Taylor, Frederick H. Bethlehem CT February 1995
KA1HWY Perri, Charles J. Madeira Beach FL February 1995
WA1HYC Chase, Stoddard B. Manchester NH February 1995
W1IAO Nordholm, Herbert V. Greenwich CT February 1995
W1IIB Wallace, Charles E. Hampton NH February 1995
W1KA Gray, Almon A. Blue Hill ME February 1995
W1LFB Buckley, Richard I. Lincoln RI February 1995
W1LWI Demeritt, Raymond B. Silver Lake NH February 1995
NT1N Varney, Albert R. Rochester NH February 1995
K1NYT Horan, Robert H. Fairfield CT February 1995
N3ONF Reed, Richard A. Castine ME February 1995
N1RZL Zisi, William Z. Newton MA February 1995
W1TOI Benson, Francis P. Orleans MA February 1995
W1TQG Taber, Robert N. Belmont MA February 1995
W1VN Plummer, John A. Stoneham MA February 1995
WA1WGR Sanborn, Richard C. Chichester NH February 1995
K1DPP Cook, Donald J. Westminster MA March 1995
N1GLX Jones, John T. Falmouth MA March 1995
KG1H Beck, Andrew A. Charlotte VT March 1995
K1HNB Class, George C. Vernon VT March 1995
WA1IKR Olberg, Florence V. Waltham MA March 1995
KA1IYR Pate, Kathleen E. Dover MA March 1995
W1JRS Cook, H. L. South Prtland ME March 1995
K1NSF Richard, Thomas H. Nantucket MA March 1995
W4PJF Hodson, Albert C. South Casco ME March 1995
N1QJH Andrews. Jacqueline M. Farmington ME March 1995
W1TMO Crocker, David C. Needham Heights MA March 1995
WA1UFT Blazej, Joseph M. Sr. Holyoke MA March 1995
KA1UHL Prunier, Richard M. Nashua NH March 1995
WA1DHM Barreto, Renato S. Largo FL April 1995
K1DVA Bibeau, Armand E. Johnston RI April 1995
W1EQC Franzen, Frank E. Sr. Waterbury CT April 1995
WB1GBU Edmunds, Edward W. Framingham MA April 1995
W1HAD Doane, Paul M. Shelton CT April 1995
K1MHC Moore, John J. Milford MA April 1995
W1KGC Fogerty, John E. Narragansett RI April 1995
W1PK Littleton, Clay A. Danbury CT April 1995
K1UFW Warner, John L. Marstons Mills MA April 1995
KA1ZES Demars, Scott E. Worcester MA April 1995
W1BW Thompson, Bradford W. Duxbury MA May 1997
KA1BY Tufts, Stephen J. Westborough MA May 1997
WB1CTD Muir, John A. Sr. Southington CT May 1997
KA1DXS Crisholm, Lyman A. South Portland ME May 1997
K1HGY Forguites, Wilfred B. Richmond VT May 1997
KA1KCC Graves, Robert W. Stratford CT May 1997
W1PBN Saragosa, Thomas A. Groton CT May 1997
W1UQN Braga, Eugene Taunton MA May 1997
N1NWO Felber, Frank F. III Vernon CT May 1997
K1ZAJ Segalini, Bruno V. Melrose MA May 1995
W1AVV Sacrison, Norman Stamford CT June 1995
W1AVY Rogers, George D. Sr. New Bedford MA June 1995
N2BAF Waldecker, Frank Needham MA June 1995
K1DNC Sanderson, John R. Whitinsville MA June 1995
WB1EQY Prince, Phillips H. Portland ME June 1995
N1HOX Tetrault, Robert Portland ME June 1995
KA1IUA Painter, Patty B. Monmouth ME June 1995
W1OTQ Baker, Chester A. Waterville ME June 1995
W1QLF Ferro, Nicholas Marlborough MA June 1995
WA1UQC Faucher, David J. Collinsville CT June 1995
W1WQU Greene, Gordon H. East Greenwich RI June 1995
AA1BM Theodore, Alec R. Manchester NH July 1995
W1BPO Potter, Harold C. Williamsburg VA July 1995
N1DIV Olson, Charles W. South Dennis MA July 1995
W1EMC Brown, Irving A Boston MA July 1995
W1ESP Willett, Charles F. Warren PA July 1995
W1JVZ Evans, Lloyd B. Silver Lake NH July 1995
W1MQA Stokes, John H. Stamford CT July 1995
W1MU Hughes, A. M. North Kingston RI July 1995
W1PU Ahola, Sylvester Gloucester MA July 1995
W1QIS Powell, J. Murray Manchester MA July 1995
W1SFV Smith, Earl A. Dorchester MA July 1995
W1YUB Herbert, Paul K. Hudson NH July 1995
KA1CF Kadish, Chet Trumbull CT August 1995
NN1D Whitaker, John W. Poultery VT August 1995
W1DOS Lynch, Hugh J. Scituate MA August 1995
KA1DSK Banker, Paul K. Newington CT August 1995
W1GAA Smith, Alden W. Temple NH August 1995
K1HXB Downes, James E. Bangor ME August 1995
K1IIM Demeritt, Donald B. Everett MA August 1995
WA1KEZ Hooten, Harold West Melbourne FL August 1995
W1LLD Whitney, Everett A. Milford NH August 1995
K1NBG Bodman, Lennox F. Gardiner ME August 1995
K1NEI Medler, Beryl S. Montpelier VT August 1995
KO1N Geller, Irving Needham MA August 1995
W1NSN Cumming, William H. Houlton ME August 1995
N1QMP Glennon, Charles J. Jr. Wiscasset ME August 1995
W1TUY Kropf, Richard T. Columbus NC August 1995
ND1U Woodtke, Robert W. Sr. Meriden CT August 1995
WA1YDD Hoar, Percy W. Houlton ME August 1995
K1YXO Hamlin, Norris B. Farmington ME August 1995
W1AZE Sirois, Renald J. Exeter NH September 1995
W1EXD Hadley, Edwin W. Orrington ME September 1995
W1WYM Giber. Sidney D. Hudson FL September 1995
WA1YOQ Giber, Annette P. Hudson FL September 1995
N1AJA Gauthier, Thare E. Bellingham MA October 1995
K1APE Amirault, Donald F. Thompson CT October 1995
W1DSK Riddle, Herbert S. Paxton MA October 1995
N1NSG Fisher, Henry V. Pelham NH October 1995
W1OKE Josephs, John L. North Weymouth MA October 1995
W1BGP Pollock, Stephen J. Jr. Stratford CT November 1995
N1DFI Inghram, Richard I. Bethlehem NH November 1995
W1GZP Early, Edward T. Lawrence MA November 1995
WX1K Hawkesworth, Eric J. Westborough MA November 1995
W1LZL Bille, Anthony M. Bedford MA November 1995
W1LZM Lutters, John F. Orange CT November 1995
N1MKS Porter, Brian G. Sr. East Machias ME November 1995
KD1UI Therrien, Gary J. Jay ME November 1995
W1CF Atchley, Dana W. Jr. Lincoln MA December 1995
KA1CLM Surozenski, Anthony S. Webster MA December 1995
WB1DQC Munroe, Peter R. Holliston MA December 1995
W1HXE Wright, Gordon R. Putney VT December 1995
W1IPX Limouze, Charles A. Woodbury CT December 1995
N1NEB Robinson, Davis Saxtons River VT December 1995
WA1OUZ Hotaling, Casper W. Charlton MA December 1995
KD1S Ferrari, Angelo A. Milford MA December 1995
W1SM Myrbeck, Edward R. Mechanicsville MD December 1995
W1ALB Legro, Raymond Sarasota FL January 1996
W1DT Albert, Barton G. Swansea MA January 1996
KA1EMI Morrissey, Margaret M. South Yarmouth MA January 1996
W1FSF Bottomley, William A. Jr. Glastonbury CT January 1996
K1JAP Jones, Frederick E. Portland ME January 1996
K1LFH Cucuel, Norman A. Bristol CT January 1996
N1TED Barickman. Robert J. Waitsfield VT January 1996
W1DBM Rand, Philip S. Haverhill MA February 1996
KD1C Hale, Richard H. Tucson AZ March 1996
W1DXT Bliss, Phil Newington CT March 1996
W1ESN Camuso, Walter P. Vero Beach FL March 1996
W1GOL Valente, Horace South Attleboro MA March 1996
K1HAX Ingraham, William F. South Portland ME March 1996
W2KGW Leggett, Lindley H. III Killington VT March 1996
W1KUE Barrett, Thomas F. Homosassa FL March 1996
WE1K Nash, Harold Quaker Hill CT March 1996
K1RET Higgins, Wesley E. Ellsworth ME March 1996
K1RGK Weymouth, Everett M. Abbot Village ME March 1996
K1SJV Lane, Richard L. Whitinsville MA March 1996
AG1W Hardy, Dudley D. Stratham NH March 1996
K1WJB Santoro, Joseph Shelton CT March 1996
W1WX Sauer, Charles R. Ocala FL March 1996
W1YYI Elliott, Mark D. Carlisle MA March 1996
KY1A Diaz, Joseph Jr. Bridgeport CT April 1996
KA1BNF Perry, Janet B. Southwest Harbor ME April 1996
W1FBG Craig, James W. Jr. Rye NH April 1996
KA1KNK Chouinard, Nelson J. Rowley MA April 1996
W1LBK Feeny, Harold L. Lynn MA April 1996
W1LSN LeRoy, Gerald B. Exeter NH April 1996
W1MN Ricker, John G. Portland ME April 1996
N1NVI Morin, Bernard P. Jr. Leverett MA April 1996
W1OMN McElroy, Robert E. Danvers MA April 1996
K1PPM Plante, Joseph H. Portland ME April 1996
KI1Q Walker, Charles E. Everett MA April 1996
KT1T Gauvin, Paul M. East Haven CT April 1996
K1TXJ Elsey, Woodson R. Jacksonville FL April 1996
W1UPG Goyer, Ann L. Hampden MA April 1996
WA1UPP Howe, Harrond R. Millis MA April 1996
W1VH Porter, Frederic J. Jr. New Milford CT April 1996
W1WEE Steiner, Floyd W. Meriden CT April 1996
W1ZZF Godfrey, John F. Floral City FL April 1996
KA1CVL Simon, Mike Westbrook CT May 1996
WA1DCR Pearson, Carl A. Kingston MA May 1996
KA1ETL Lannan, Robert D. South Windson CT May 1996
N1FHT Vaclavik, Charles A. Brookhaven NY May 1996
N1GDV Weed, Robert B. Cheshire CT May 1996
W1GVI Greenbaum, Rubin Bloomfield CT May 1996
W1KJF Ellefsen, Marvin K. Bristol CT May 1996
KC1KV Crowley, John Quincy MA May 1996
W1RJA Bristol, Edson L. North Coventry CT May 1996
W1UJP Lanphear, Ernest Charlestown NH May 1996
W1BJD Dyer, John N. Center Sandwich NH June 1996
W1CY Barker, W. W. New Canaan CT June 1996
KA1DDA Roode, John. Skowhegan ME June 1996
W1IBL Bodwell, Verne Cape Porpoise ME June 1996
N1IDR Miner, Raymond R. Concord NH June 1996
W1EFW Chaffee, Milton E. Southington CT June 1996
WA1IWC Hulbert, Milton W. Billerica MA June 1996
WA1MNL Lapin, Stanley P. Santa Barbara CA June 1996
KB1OB Anders, Teedie Belleview FL June 1996
AF1P Pavone, Edward C. Belmont MA June 1996
W1RGP Raiford, Ulious L. Bridgeport CT June 1996
W1VRN Hill, Forrest A. Weymouth MA June 1996
NC1W Sweatt, George W. Pompano Beach FL June 1996
W1AI Teso, William A. Bloomfield CT July 1996
W1BHL Thompson, Norman L. Ashland MA July 1996
W1BKH Angelo, Henry G. Bloomfield CT July 1996
K1CUW Kohn, Jack H. Boca Raton FL July 1996
NB1D Whitham, Leonard Westport CT July 1996
K1GUU McCracken, Ernest W. Westwood MA July 1996
W1KZG Brown, Carlton G. Windson CT July 1996
W1LKH Carignan, Paul N. Providence RI July 1996
W1LOR Whittmann, Fracis T. Melrose MA July 1996
W1QBF Baldwin, Robert W. Watertown CT July 1996
W1RPE Garner, Grady L. Hamden CT July 1996
W1WRL Titcomb, Norman E. Ormand Beach FL July 1996
W1AUF Gourley, William E. East Longmeadow MA August 1996
K1BKM Houle, Leonel Warwick RI August 1996
N1BTR Brunell, Douglas L. North Chatham MA August 1996
W1BT Lovejoy, Julian Manchester NH August 1996
KB1BZ Spires, George A. Essex Junction VT August 1996
WB1DDQ Palese, Albert C. Methuen MA August 1996
W1DJJ Dudley, Thomas C. Garland TX August 1996
WA1GNI Gaboury, Norman L. Tiverton RI August 1996
K1GVA Wilson, Charles R. Portland ME August 1996
W1HY Hollis, Howard W. Jaffrey NH August 1996
W1ITU Robertson, Donovan A. Cape Elizabeth ME August 1996
W1LBA Anderson, Robert B. Milton MA August 1996
KD1LO Dunphy, Arnold C. Wethersfield CT August 1996
W1NAC Barth, Russell V. Niantic CT August 1996
W1QF Hall, Richard A. Nashua NH August 1996
K1RSZ Cross, Robert K. East Wareham MA August 1996
KC1UY Hiller, Eldredge M. Fairfax VA August 1996
KA1AFX Burrill, Arthur B. West Brookfield MA September 1996
N1APE Hansen, Harold Littleton MA September
W1CCV Kelemen, G. S. Westwood, MA September 1996
WB1DBN Prezenik, Edward Pittsfield MA September 1996
W1EE MacCracken, Alan M. Greenwich CT September 1996
W1HNA Insalaco, Leonard E. Willimantic CT September 1996
K1IJJ Havens, Abraham C. Waterbury Center VT September 1996
KD1KH Jameson, Margaret A. Marblehead MA September
W1PLX Gillin, Norman R. Deer Island ME September 1996
W1RTC Wadleigh, Edwin T. Augusta ME September 1996
W1SSA Pinkham, Edward D. Ocala FL September
W1TGR Oczkowski, Stanley J. Chelmsford MA September 1996
K1VCV Parcell, R. L. Quincy FL September 1996
W1YR Pagliarini, John A. Jr. Ocean Bluff MA September
W1ACY Sigafoos, J. H. Cushing ME October 1996
N1CCT Bennett, Otto, C. Jr. Rockland ME October 1996
W1GM Morin, Gerard J. Sanford ME October 1996
K1IVJ Brountas, Nicholas J. St. Augustine FL October 1996
K2PVD Harrison, Richard North Conway NH October 1996
N1QAV Rowe, Phyllis M. Bangor ME October 1996
W1QL Kimball, Harold E. Concord NH October 1996
N1QPL Frye, Donald M. Jr. Bangor ME October 1996
K1TOZ Sava, Lawrence North Quincy MA October 1996
KB1UV Reisdorf, Frank E. Topsfield MA October 1996
WB1V Joiner, Edwin S. Belmont MA October 1996
K1WUS Thompson, Philip E. Poland ME October 1996
WA1YSJ Stratton, Charles W. Dr. Lee MA October 1996
W1ZE Nelson, Carlton J. Ipswich MA October 1996
N1AAT Anderson, Norman A North Easton MA November 1996
N1CLP Libby, Carl E. Bangor ME November 1996
W1EIM Checkoway, Abraham Portland ME November 1996
W1HMP Weston, Wayne E. Londonderry NH November 1996
W2IOQ Edwards, Raymond W. West Haven CT November 1996
W1IYN Sealey, Ernest Marlborough MA November 1996
W1LDF Gardner, Richard B. Lincolnville ME November 1996
W1YI Purseglove, A. T. Hadley MA November 1996
KA1ACG Vickery, Robert M. Winthrop ME December 1996
W1AMV Cushing, Levi G. Duxbury MA December 1996
W1AU Balko, Paul G. Hendersonville NC December 1996
WA1AZR Celli, Frederick, S. Dover NH December 1996
WA1CSH Narduzzo, Vincent B. Wilmington MA December 1996
KB1CT Hilliard, W. P. Simsbury CT December 1996
W1EJ Kirby, Thomas J. Pelham NH December 1996
WB1EMN Sittard, Allan E. Chicopee MA December 1996
N1EYD Wood, Hazen F. Essex Junction VT December 1996
W1HFJ Corwin, Albert E. Southbury CT December 1996
K1IBD Finnie, James Jr. Scituate MA December 1996
W1IKY Grocki, Alexander A. Norwich CT December 1996
W1KGH Spooner, Randall H "Randy" South Hampton NH December 1996
W1KGU Pope, Sanford E. Brockton MA December 1996
W1KVW Brooks, Ellison B. East Swanzey NH December 1996
N1LSO Andrade, John R. Fall River MA December 1996
W1MBA George, Francis E. Wakefield MA December 1996
N1NRN Holbrook, Myron F. Holbrook MA December 1996
K1OGU Andrews, Maxine A. Plymouth NH December 1996
N1RVR Kortegast, Otto H. Southbury CT December 1996
K1TKI Keyworth, Albert O. Mansfield MA December 1996
W1UEF Olney, Walter F. Coventry RI December 1996
KA1YRY Van Der Linde, Reinhould H. Bennington VT December 1996
W1ZXA Boivin, Paul B. Jr. Lincoln RI December 1996
W1AMC Plummer, John G. Jr. Seffner FL January 1997
W1CSZ Zanotti, Frank Quincy MA January 1997
WB1FDY Vota, John R. North Providence RI January 1997
W1JI Norton, Dale A. Seeley Lake MT January 1997
W1LZB Lanoue, Wilmer D. Braintree MA January 1997
K1NGL Rosati, A. D. Easton CT January 1997
W1PHR Matteson, George F. II Wethersfield CT January 1997
NQ1Q Bichsel, Harry J. South Yarmouth MA January 1997
K1REK James, Crawford L. Farmington CT January 1997
W1RRS Anderson, Herbert New Britain CT January 1997
W1YAS Shaw, Jesse W. Salisbury MA January 1997
W1ASB O'Donnell, John Port Richey FL February 1997
WA1AXQ Andrews, James A. Jr. Brockton MA February 1997
KB1AZG Faughnan, Opel E. White River Junction VT February 1997
N1BUB Purdy, Douglas R. Burlington MA February 1997
W1CH Corbett, Robert D. Torrington CT February 1997
N1CVG Stein, Adam III High Point NC February 1997
WA1DQK Dodge, Merle A. Hinsdale MA February 1997
K1DVY Verrier, Roland J. West Warwick RI February 1997
K1LEV Brettschneider, Sollie Willimantic CT February 1997
W1LHV Frizzell, William T. Sudbury MA February 1997
WA1PLJ Kehn, Donald F. West Simsbury CT February 1997
K1VEL Gage, Louis E. Wilmington MA February 1997
W1WXZ Caton, James B. South Wellfleet MA February 1997
N1BGO Scott, Cecile Crouseville ME March 1997
W1BQG Richardson, Francis O. Sr. Jenson Beach FL March 1997
W1CAY Goodwin, Edward F. Seabrook NH March 1997
WA1D Moren, Richard A. Bristol RI March 1997
WB1ECK Levine, Carlisle N. Auburndale MA March 1997
N1JFJ Sharkey, Jack Jr. Barnstable MA March 1997
KA1KME Beaulieu, Roland R. Presque Isle ME March 1997
KA1KV Havey, Will R. Brunswick ME March 1997
W1LIC Linscott, Reginald F. Ellsworth ME March 1997
W1RFA Brown, Ray V. Manchester CT March 1997
KA1SVU Beaulieu, Harold F. Brewer ME March 1997
W1WFM Heavens, William Clearlake CA March 1997
K1ABO Smith, Mary B. South Chelmsford MA April 1997
K1AN O'Connell, John B. Newburyport MA April 1997
W1AXA Pierce, Ralph E. Swampscott MA April 1997
W1BGT Lyon, Murton W. Sr. Naugatuck CT April 1997
WB1CDY Mitchell, Edward B. Englewood FL April 1997
N1FKC Power, Francis West Roxbury MA April 1997
W1HSI Prestia, Joseph F. Pittsburg PA April 1997
W1HVN Nichols, N. P. Marblehead MA April 1997
W1ISO Bragdon, W. D. Millinocket ME April 1997
K1LVA Fothergill, John E. Chelsea MA April 1997
W1MM Stephens, Robert M. Holyoke MA April 1997
W1QKK Currier, Charles M. Rockland ME April 1997
W1TIM Merrick, H. E. Springfield VT April 1997
WA1TPS Egalka, Frances S. St. Petersburg FL April 1997
WA1TTV Corkum, Russell W. Jr. Lexington MA April 1997
W1VKC Mathaisell, Joseph Tilton NH April 1997
W1DWD Key, William J. Halifax MA May 1997
W1ESI Porter, Albert F. Raynham MA May 1997
W1GQP Miles, Albert J. Southampton MA May 1997
KA1GY Schimpf, Hermann Plymouth MA May 1997
W1HDG Gilliam, Merton J. Cincinnati OH May 1997
W1HIU Gomes, Abilio A. Southbury CT May 1997
W1LOS Wright, George C. Norfolk MA May 1997
W1OAS Burkle, Frederick M. North Haven CT May 1997
W1RRF Paquette, Lucien, J. Salem MA May 1997
WA1ZNH Bogus, Arthur H. Deerfield Beach FL May 1997
WA2KBH Plummer, Charles H. Kennebunkport ME May 1997
WB1CMF Wentworth, Galen M. Danvers MA June 1997
W1EJH Martin, Ernest J. Bridgeport CT June 1997
W1HDQ Tilton, Edward P/. Spring Hill FL June 1997
W1HW St. Onge, Raymond A. Cumberland RI June 1997
KA1ODN Helmer, George Riverside CT June 1997
W1OLA Fulton, John C. Taunton MA June 1997
WA1PHD Woodruff, G. C. Yarmouth Port MA June 1997
K1RPK Grover, Frederick M. Fremont NH June 1997
WA1TIV Rand, Beatrice Cape Elizabeth ME June 1997
W1UPB Adams, Bruce B. Lincoln RI June 1997
W1WSK Eaton, Donald R. Holiday FL June 1997
K1ACP Meltzer, Abram I. Worcester MA July 1997
N1AIX Ware, Eliot B. Hollis NH July 1997
W1BGW Berman. Jack West Roxbury MA July 1997
N1EME Cobb, Neil L. Springfield VT July 1997
W1GDE Deschenes, Jules C. Manchester NH July 1997
W1JOM Millen, Harold Milton MA July 1997
W1MG Wood, Hiram C. Oxford MA July 1997
WA1MRT Dayton, R. J. Lake Placid FL July 1997
KA1VH Skilton, Brian B. Live Oak FL July 1997
W1VIY Obert, Charles H. Trumbull CT July 1997
W1ZIQ Murphy, Frank J. Sr. Worcester MA July 1997
K1AWH Creasia, Dom Milford MA August 1997
W1BZS Sale, Theodore V. Portland ME August 1997
W1JQL Simonds, Raymond E. Orleans MA August 1997
W1KUX Calkins, Wallace R. West Covina CA August 1997
N1LXA Kingston, Douglas Bristol VT August 1997
W1MOI Bagley, Elizabeth S. Newport NH August 1997
KA1PXT Kent, Lowell A. Venice FL August 1997
N1PZW Cole, James A. Warwick RI August 1997
W1VY Hanson, Albert Jr. Brunswick ME August 1997
W1YXA Girard, Vernon P. Canterbury NH August 1997
K1ZEP Weeks, Delmont E. (Del) Candia NH August 1997
N4LCQ Kelleher, William T. Hampton NH August 1997
WA1CQL Bennett, Malcolm O. Skowhegan ME September 1997
NQ1E Vanderscoff, Charles R. Enfield CT September 1997
KB1EW Press, Robert N. Natick MA September 1997
W1HFP Greenwood, Charles E. Sedgwick ME September 1997
W1HMZ Schmittgall, Emery E. Milford CT September 1997
K1HSQ Smith, Robert I Holiday FL September 1997
WA1LZL Bradford, Harold A. Ellsworth ME September 1997
KA1QLR Laurendeau, Edward F. North Providence RI September 1997
N1RTS Rothstein, Sheldon Framingham MA September 1997
W1SK Hollywood, John M. Red Bank NJ September 1997
N1VCL Woods, Kendall W. Westbrook ME September 1997
K1CBV Clark, Herbert G. Cromwell CT October 1997
N1CCL Cadrecha, Jose M. Dr. Burlington VT October 1997
W1CWR Plouff, Arthur J. Newburyport MA October 1997
W1GC Brill, Frederick H. West Haven CT October 1997
KA1IPI Campbell Alan M. Windham NH October 1997
N1IQM Bourquin, Julian L. Newington CT October 1997
KA1PBK Tefft, Kenneth G. East Greenwich RI October 1997
W1RYE Sullivan, William P. Canton MA October 1997
N1SBC De Felice, Corina J. Meriden CT October 1997
W1SGD Tift, James L. Hooksett NH October 1997
W1WH Haeseler, Leonard W. Hudson NH October 1997
K1YZQ Barbuto, Francis J. Sr. East Weymouth MA October 1997
K1ZMV Klinger, Arthur E. South Windsor CT October 1997
W1ZV Packard, John W. Plymouth MA October 1997
W2CMC Underwood, James T. Williamstown MA October 1997
W1AYP Adams, Ronald L. Norwich CT November 1997
W1GKU Seedman, Albert J. Fairfield CT November 1997
KX1U Therrien, Paul C. Chicopee MA November 1997
W1CEQ Googins, Danforth M. Kennebunk ME December 1997
W1FB DeMaw, Douglas Luther MI December 1997
W1FCO Bergstedt, John H. Groton CT December 1997
AF1G Myer, Joseph J. Alna ME December 1997
WA1ITZ Barton, Justin C. Randolph VT December 1997
NU1J Aldrich, Stanley C. Rochester NH December 1997
W1LNI Lowd, Russell H. Portland ME December 1997
K1PXF Rollins Louis B. South Portland ME December 1997
N1QWY Parker, Emma T. Menemsha MA December 1997
W1SP Anderson, C. V. Terryville CT December 1997
W1TRE Harrington, Barbara A. Malden NH December 1997
W1UFR Condi, Joseph A. Pittsfield MA December 1997
K1VKT McNamara, Frank Lowell MA December 1997
K1ZUP Sleeper, J. H. Wakefield MA December 1997
W1ALI Reale, Julius Jr. North Granby CT January 1998
KB1BES Killian, John T. Bridgeport CT January 1998
N1CJC Blackburn, Elbert F. Bridgeport CT January 1998
K1CYD Corcoran, George B. Dr. Suffield CT January 1998
W1ISK Hanscomb, Robert J. Gilford NH January 1998
W1IJB Bellerose, Albert A. Suncook NH January 1998
AA1NV Pleau, Roland N. N. Grosvenordale CT January 1998
N1TYI Ashworth, Rodney Billerica MA January 1998
W1AKD Johnson, John M. Harvard MA February 1998
W1DJH Weinstein, Frank M. Nashua NH February 1998
W1KPB Lopez, Frank G. Greenwood MA February 1998
W1LZK Caika, Sigmund J. Leicester MA February 1998
W1NOG De Salvatore, Patrick E. Medford MA February 1998
W1OKH Tucker, Leslie L. Essex Center VT February 1998
W1UZE Rheaume, Laurent R. Woonsocket RI February 1998
KA1BAR Connelta, Anthony Cranston RI March 1998
W1CKP Gravel, Harold R. Amherst MA March 1998
W1FZ Thayer, James E. Farmington NH March 1998
K1JRW Robinson, Richard S. Shutesbury MA March 1998
K1MPK Kenney, Edgar A. Gilford NH March 1998
W1TXY Noyes, Ralph S. Bellows Falls VT March 1998
N1UVB Taylor. Theresa Wolfboro NH March 1998
KC1VO Waddie, Joseph W. Cambridge MA March 1998
KA1CBN McKearin, William J. Dover NH April 1998
K1ETN Lebert, Austin A. Chicopee MA April 1998
W1GFI Jones, Sydney V. Canaan CT April 1998
KA1KDS Soule, Donald E. Sangerville ME April 1998
K1KER Whitcomb, Reginald D. Riverside RI April 1998
W1NLE Adolphson, Robert A. Springfield MA April 1998
W1OJA Harvey, Robert C. South Hadley MA April 1998
K1SCN Spino, Sam Waterbury CT April 1998
N1VGS Cartier, Arthur L. West Haven CT April 1998
W1ACB Anderson, Charles F. Quincy MA May 1998
W1BPI Mckenzie, Alexander A. Rosemont PA May 1998
AA1DG Blaisdell, Roger A. Sagamore Beach MA May 1998
KA1DU McCurdy, Richard C. Darien CT May 1998
W1DWY Dillaby, Edwin F. Beverly MA May 1998
K1FOG Syriac, George E. Southbridge MA May 1998
WA1GOL Ingham, J. G. Venice FL May 1998
W1HBH Kalson, Robert S. Manhattan Beach CA May 1998
W1JVQ Kaufman, Albert Trumbull CT May 1998
N1LQW MacLean, Donald A. Bridgeport CT May 1998
KA1MBO Kranak, John Acton MA May 1998
W1QNM Chase, Warren C. Fort Myers FL May 1998
W1SYG Sobas, Joseph M. Jr. Stratford CT May 1998
W1TZM Faour, George P. Sr. Essex Junction VT May 1998
W1UXK Rogerson, Arthur W. Heathsville VA May 1998
K1YJD Preston, George G. So. Hamilton MA May 1998
WA1YKR Loyot, Edmond C. Middlebury CT May 1998
K1ZAC Potter, Robert E. Lawrence MA May 1998
K7UGA Goldwater, Barry, US Senator Paradise Valley AZ May 1998
WA1AC Curran, Alan M. Harwich MA June 1998
N1BUZ Baggs, Joseph E. Jr. Forestdale MA June 1998
KU1D McDade, Harry C. Littleton NH June 1998
WB1EIS Bennett, Lowell Earlysville VA June 1998
W1QWF Wright, Louise H. Pittsfield ME June 1998
K1HNQ Mitchell, Stuart S. Teaticket MA June 1998
K1IJV Peacor, D. J. East Orleans MA June 1998
K1IMW Nimmo, Milo D. Lake Havasu City AZ June 1998
W1KJB Gamache, Armand E. Springfield MA June 1998
WA1LAD Frankland, William E. Seekonk MA June 1998
KA1OYO Dewey, Carlyle S. Suffield CT June 1998
KA1RKC Petrowiez, Walter J. Ipswich MA June 1998
N1TME Russell, Brian M. Shelburne VT June 1998
W1UUM Phillips, Earl G. Bass River MA June 1998
W1YPT Guy, Louise U. West Dennis MA June 1998
W1YWP Durland, John S. Jr. Darien CT June 1998
W1BFT Evans, Carl B. Concord NH July 1998
K1CKS Semms, Hugo A. Everett MA July 1998
W1CQC Mullins, James Truro MA July 1998
N1CRA O'Hara, Christophe D. New Britain CT July 1998
K1DKD Jones, Robert S. Dover NH July 1998
WA1DXI Planchet, Paul Medford MA July 1998
W1EGO Deans, David H. Loudon NH July 1998
WA1ELJ Sherman, Leon H. Plymouth NH July 1998
WB1GMN Williams, William L. Springfield MA July 1998
K1GVM Howard, Glenn D. Hanson MA July 1998
W1JY Johnson, Olof W. Bristol NH July 1998
W1LHW Gaffney, William J. South Hadley MA July 1998
W1QMS M. Maurer So. Lancaster MA July 1998
W1APU Bamford, D. Herschel Dover Foxcroft ME August 1998
WA1ATX Staples, Alfred J. Belfast ME August 1998
W1AUQ Hinchley, Clarence E. Melrose MA August 1998
W1BQL Howe, Charles P. Kennebunk ME August 1998
WA1BZI Edson, Harriett G. New Milford CT August 1998
K1DUG Mosbacher, Michael D. North Ferrisburg VT August 1998
W1FZL Hauger, Ernest W. Winterport ME August 1998
N1GND Staier, Charles Wilton ME August 1998
W1HCD Desilets, Paul M.L. Portsmouth NH August 1998
W1HLT Ross, Howard B. Belfast ME August 1998
WA1IBM Prout, Leonard Winthrop ME August 1998
KA1IWU Royal, Harold C. Jr. Brewster ME August 1998
WA1PXD Cox, John C. Bar Harbor ME August 1998
W1RJR Ryan, John G. Bangor ME August 1998
W1WBM Hale, Maurice E. Jr. Rochester NH August 1998
W1YHW Hermenzie, Joseph W. Westport CT August 1998
W1AXG Morrison, William E. Middleton MA September 1998
WA1CSO Silveira. Joseph A. Middletown RI September 1998
W1CUY Parker, Robert L. Plymouth MA September 1998
KX1D McAndrew, John Methuen MA September 1998
W1GUF Hawkes, John B. Natick MA September 1998
K1NST Bithel, Doris C. Swampscott MA September 1998
W1OPS Cox, Howard R. Waterford CT September 1998
W1RWG Leverty, Clevis O. Portland ME September 1998
AJ1S Hnilicka, Milo P. Harvard MA September 1998
W1VPF Chase, Gladys P. West Suffield CT September 1998
W1WOX Leedham, Frederick W. Clearwater FL September 1998
WA1YDY Roberts, Sherwood Gainsville FL September 1998
AA1CF Gwyer, Fred V. North Stonington CT October 1998
K1CQE Hodgkins, Roger W. Bar Harbor ME October 1998
K1ESN Syrek, Joe South Hadley MA October 1998
AI1I Benstead Aubrey Chelmsford MA October 1998
W1JQK French, Walter E. Henniker NH October 1998
N1KPT Chapin, Richard C. Henniker NH October 1998
W1QCT McLane, Hugh W. Stowe VT October 1998
W1WZA Adler, Donald N. Wiscasset ME October 1998
W1YV McDonald, Thomas F. Tiverton RI October 1998
N1ZOH Brown, David T. Somers CT October 1998
KB1AAF D'Arruda, Robert Fall River MA November 1998
KA1CTV Rundquist, Elliot Granby CT November 1998
NU1D Martin, Hart P. Groton CT November 1998
K1GAO Higgins, Kevin T. Easton ME November 1998
WG1Q Fish, Joseph N. Rutland VT November 1998
W1RCT Hagensen, Robert A. San Jose CA November 1998
K1TYS Vickerson, Charles W. Cape Elizabeth ME November 1998
N1AJO Child, Thomas E. Dedham MA December 1998
WB1BWO Carroll, James F. No. Fort Myers FL December 1998
W1OGZ Davis, George N. Concord NH December 1998
W1RD Martin, William A. Harwich MA December 1998
W1TBX Burns Thomas P. Norwood MA December 1998
W1VGZ Di Milla, Thomas D. Saugus MA December 1998
WA1WMS Lyman, Willis G. Ipswich MA December 1998
AB1N Palm, Kenneth E. Lexington MA January 1999
K1PBL Fraser, Robert M. Lincoln MA January 1999
W1GDG DeLaurentis, Vincent L. Orange CT January 1999
W1IWP Parisi, Benedict J. Onset MA January 1999
W1JPL Kinsman, Edmund F. Norwood MA January 1999
N1UVV Swenson, Everett H. Amesbury MA February 1999
NS1RA Miller, Allan R. Danvers MA February 1999
W1GGB Hicks, Donald G. Tewksbury MA February 1999
W1SE Aurick, Leland W. Winter Springs FL February 1999
W1SON Monahan, William J. Norwell MA February 1999
W1TCD Pfaelzer, Carter P. Weston MA February 1999
N1CGY Rosenberg, Maynard H. Cape Elizabeth ME March 1999
N1KEL Nicolay, Frank O. Harwich MA March 1999
W1DPL Tweedle, Charles E. Davidson NC March 1999
W1FSH Melbert, Llewellyn H. Manchester CT March 1999
W1IGU Deneke, George E. San Antonio TX March 1999
W1PXX Nadel, Melvin J. Delray Beach FL March 1999
W1SMU Vivier, Francis P. Pawtucket RI March 1999
W1UCP Cogliano, Salvatore F. Tewksbury MA March 1999
W1YJ Adams, Albert H. Salisbury NC March 1999
KA1EKD Crowley, Harry A. Silver Springs FL April 1999
KB1FK Libby, Albert T. Newington NH April 1999
N1FNN Grogan, Raymond F. Newington CT April 1999
W1EBJ Hadley, Amos L. Old Town ME April 1999
W1RQN Maynard, Clifford A. Wethersfield CT April 1999
W1NBH Orange, Edmund Cranston RI April 1999
W1SHW Cushing, Edward W. Bristol CT April 1999
W1ZIS Emery, Roger E. Keene NH March 1999
W1CQF Rehn, Robert N. Needham MA May 1999
KA1BWH Byther, harvey E. Bangor ME May 1999
KA1JGL Hinds, Clayton R. East Bridgewater MA May 1999
KA1NWW Burton, Lawrence G. Detroit ME May 1999
KA1REL Bonski, Steve M. Wincester NH May 1999
N1DRQ Botsford, Richard B. Milford CT May 1999
N1FJL Geisler, Mark S. Brewster MA May 1999
N1GLW Walton, Leigh K. Randolph ME May 1999
N1ITN La Brecque, Richard M. Dixville ME May 1999
W1FHP O'Neil, Robert J. Bethlehem CT May 1999
W1MEP Mallory, G. C. Bennington VT May 1999
W1OIZ Burfitt, Jack W. Weymouth MA May 1999
WB6HBJ Moore, Olive B. South Paris ME May 1999
K1JBL Gibson, Roland H. Rutland VT June 1999
K1WGR Fiero, Robert V. Royalton MN June 1999
W1CJN Schaffhouser,Joseph J. Norwich CT June 1999
W1JMT Jenard, Francis W. Saunderstown RI June 1999
W1MKX McGrath, Francis M. Lowell MA June 1999
W1OUL Newberry, Leonard M. Melrose MA June 1999
W1PLA Dilts, Ira J. Lynnfield MA June 1999
K1EHG Abell, Gurden R. Woodstock CT July 1999
KA1WLM Nakis, William C. Rowley MA July 1999
N1BTU Lillibridge, Davis C. Burlington CT July 1999
W1RGM Clark, George L. Desert Hot Springs CA July 1999
WB1FWR Stone, William W. South Burlington VT July 1999
WA3HIT Rillings, Paul J. Framingham MA July 1999
K1BUM Knowlton, Winfred C. Brooksville FL August 1999
K1ICD Serra, Frank J. Stratford CT August 1999
KC1MI Rhilinger, John F. Boston MA August 1999
KD1PY Lewis, James E. Stoughton MA August 1999
N1SKJ Martin, Victor L. Trumbull CT August 1999
W1LMU McDade, Henry J. Waban MA August 1999
W1OKU Hagman, Henry B. Lee NH August 1999
W1QYY Greenhalgh, Thomas B. Dublin NH August 1999
KA1RIW Young, Alfred W. Owls Head ME September 1999
KA1ZMB Carroll, Evelyn L. Belfast ME September 1999
N1ASU Woodbury, Norman W. Ridgefield CT September 1999
N1JEC Miller, Albert A. Natick MA September 1999
N1SXR Coon, Caro A. Plymouth MA September 1999
N1UDF Lambert, Lawrence R. Lawrence MA September 1999
W1OHA Cleveland, PAUL I. North Sutton NH September 1999
K1BFG Payne, Robert A. Barre MA October 1999
K1LLN Day, Robert H. Ellsworth ME October 1999
K1ZNH Jacke, Stanley E. Malvern PA October 1999
KB1AFZ Worden, Thomas H. Ware MA October 1999
N1IJF Coon, Donald G. Eastham MA October 1999
W1LQQ Gagnon, Charles E. North Conway NH October 1999
W1OLP Wilson, George A. Marston Mills MA October 1999
W1RZB Mackro, August V. Monroe CT October 1999
W1ULW Lindley,Nelson O. Falmouth MA October 1999
WB1ASP McGillicuddy, George E. Houlton ME October 1999
WB1GWA De Lesdernier, Theodore P. Shutesbury MA October 1999
AA1IH Hershey, Charles E. Bangor ME November 1999
K1JCX Bates, Earl D. Presque Isle ME November 1999
K1ZKR Columbus, Milton B. North Grosvenordale CT November 1999
KA1ILR Burnham, Richard H. North Abington MA November 1999
W1ELR Fleury, Clifford J. White River Junction VT November 1999
W1IQO Coffin, Leslie A. Newcastle ME November 1999
W1MQN Cookson, Harold T. Andover MA November 1999
W2MXX Plakun, Bernard D. Southbury CT November 1999
AA1HF Donahue, Richard J. Tewksbury MA December 1999
KB1NM Prospere, Richard E. Canterbury NH December 1999
W1RWK Matczak, Joseph B. Bloomfield CT December 1999

With a few exceptions the Month listed is the QST posting date.
Actual date of SK may be several months earlier than as listed here.

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